Nightcap episode 12: Discoveries

Julia Kruis

Written by D. Ray Morton and directed by David Nicholas, this episode features Julia Kruis and Burke Morgan as Carrol and Peter. They come into the bar late one night after closing time, when just Kim (Kim Yates) is there, closing up. They mentioned that it’s their 10th anniversary, so Kim lets them stay and offers them drinks. And they sit and talk about their history.

Carrol and Peter reveal that they actually met at that bar, which is why returned. They hooked up the first night they met and have been together ever since, moving in together after a year of dating and then getting married two years after that (it’s not clear if this anniversary that they’re celebrating is meant to be 10 years after they met or 10 years after they got married, but I guess that doesn’t really matter). And they tell a shocked Kim that the secret to keeping their marriage exciting after all this time is that they basically have an open marriage, where they occasionally sleep with other partners, often while the other one secretly watches, as well as letting other partners join them.

They tell Kim about a time Carrol brought another man (Timothy Stempien) home and had sex with him while Peter watched from outside through a window. And then talk about a time the two of them had a threesome with another woman (played by Kim Woods). Although Kim is skeptical at first, by the end of the night she’s convinced at least that it works well for them, and wishes them a happy anniversary as they leave.

It’s a rather simple episode, story-wise, but Julia and Burke were both softcore veterans and great actors who really sold the idea that they were this happily married and sexually adventurous couple. And we get three hot sex scenes, as in addition to the two that I described there’s an opening scene that’s just between Julia and Burke. There’s also a fourth scene where Kim Yates talks about a time she performed a striptease for a man (Ray Rivera) when they were alone in the bar, and so we get to Kim Yates stripping nude. This combined to make it a memorable episode, worth rewatching.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

*I’ll note that Kim Woods, credited here as Kimberly Woods, looks familiar to me. But IMDB lists this this as one of only two acting credits she has. It’s possible that she may have appeared in other roles under a different name and IMDB just hasn’t connected it to her, I’ve seen that before with other actresses, but I can’t confirm this at the moment.

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