Passion Cove: Over By Sunday

Samantha Phillips

Christopher Byrne wrote and Robert Kubilos directed this episode, which was the 6th episode of the second season of Passion Cove. Samantha Phillips and Mark Ritter star as Linda and Frank, a married couple who’ve been going through some troubles as Frank had been unfaithful, after 7 years together. But they’d been going to therapy to try to work on saving their marriage and they’ve rented the Passion Cove house for a weekend to reconnect. It opens with the two of them on the first Friday night at the house, but things aren’t going as well as they’d hoped, and Linda is already certain that this won’t work, and that their marriage will be “over by Sunday.”

Maggie Duncan and Joshua Tripp play Mindy and John, a younger couple who’ve been married for one year, in fact they spent their honeymoon at the Passion Cove house and show up unexpectedly asking if they could just look around to reminisce. Linda and Frank end up inviting the younger couple to stay the weekend, and over the next two days each of them take turns flirting with the younger spouses who are tempted but don’t give in. And, eventually, seeing the younger couple together, still happy and in love, sparks good memories between the older couple, and by Sunday Linda and Frank have reconciled.

There are only two full sex scenes, one between Phillips and Ritter and one between Duncan and Tripp. But both ladies also get naked several times throughout the episode. I’d always liked Samantha Phillips from her time as a Penthouse Pet, but Maggie Duncan was the real standout here, she was extremely sexy to me, she looked very exotic and her body was amazing. Unfortunately, this appears to be another instance of someone having only one credited acting role, according to IMDB, but if anyone knows of her appearing in anything else under a different name, please let me know. I’d say Over By Sunday is one of the better episodes of Passion Cove’s second season.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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