SIN CITY DIARIES episode 6: Girl’s Intuition

04/16/2009 – Danielle Petty – “The Informers” Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – ArcLight Theaters – Hollywood, CA, USA – Keywords: – False – – Photo Credit: Glenn Harris / PR Photos – Contact (1-866-551-7827)

Written by A.G. Lawerence and directed by John Quinn, this episode starts off with a bang, literally. We see that Angelica (Amber Smith) has recently broken one of her own personal rules about not hooking up with one of her clients, in this case, it’s a high-end poker player named Dave (Gary Groff), and we see them together in a hotel. But the next day Angelica is commiserating with Sasha (Elena Talan) about how she found out that Dave was lying about both his marital status (he’s married) and his financial status (the ranch he claimed to own actually belongs to his brother). Angelica feels down that she allowed herself to be fooled like this, and decides to take off for a weekend for a little spiritual release, or specifically a “vision quest” with a female shaman off in the desert. In the meantime, she leaves Sasha in charge of handling her firm’s latest clients, who have just arrived.

Glen Meadows and Zoe Britton guest-star as Hugh and Gia, a young couple who’ve been married for five years but have recently lost that “spark”, and so a mutual friend actually paid for their trip to Vegas and set them up with Angelica’s firm to find a way to get the romance back in their lives. Sasha’s brilliant idea is that they need to open up their marriage and have sex with other people while in Vegas. This being a softcore TV series, of course the couple agrees to try this, albeit with some reluctance.

Sasha sends Hugh and Gia to a fetish/swingers nightclub. At this club they see people walking around in various stages of undress and some couple having sex right out in the open on various couches. They’re approached by Jim and Stacie (Frankie Dell and Carrie Gonzalez) another married couple who say that they were also having troubles in their marriage until they started coming to the club on weekends to swing with other couples, which has somehow made their marriage stronger. The two couples split up, with Hugh going off to a room with Stacie and Gia going off to a room with Jim.


Neither Hugh nor Gia can go through with it, they leave the others and go back to each other realizes that they don’t want anyone else, and reconcile. So all’s well that ends well. Plus, Angelica returns, feeling refreshed from her vision quest, which included getting a nude hot oil massage and having lesbian sex with her shaman. So she got a happy ending, in more ways than one, as well.

This was a good episode, Glen Meadows is a longtime softcore pro who does his job well. Zoe Britton was a hardcore star, known for only filming lesbian scenes, but she also does well as a “serious” actress in this file. And Danielle Petty (as Kennedy Johnson) played Angelica’s shaman, Jesse. She was another softcore vet at this point and was very good in this episode. We got our customary four full sex scenes, two between Glen and Zoe, and Amber Smith had two, one with Gary Groff and that lesbian scene with Danielle, which I’d say was the highlight of the episode. I’d say the only complaints are that Frankie Dell and Carrie Gonzalez, who are also good softcore vets, are rather wasted in their roles, neither getting a sex scene (although Gonzalez does get topless).

There was also a scene in that fetish club, where we see two couples, a lesbian couple and a man and woman, each having sex, as the camera cuts back and forth between them. Unfortunately, the actors aren’t listed in the credits, the woman in the heterosexual couple definitely looked familiar, but I couldn’t place where I’d seen her before.

One of the better episodes of the series, which I recommend watching. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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  1. Does Jason not have this episode? Amazon video I have heard has edited versions of Softcore tv shows where you do not see much of the sex so I would not buy softcore from Amazon video because I have heard this.


    • Yes, he does. The full season on 5 discs for $39.99, this is something I actually bought from him and is how I’m rewatching these episodes to review them now. I just put the link to Amazon Video because in this particular case that’s probably easier for someone to order if they want to see this (I just tend to recommend Jason when it’s something that’s not available for purchase through mainstream outlets). Having not seen the versions on Amazon myself I’m unaware of any issues of quality.


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