I’m going back to 1999 to review this film, which was written by J.J. Pivo and directed by Romy HayesBrad Bartram and Allison Thomas-Miller play Dylan and Claire, who gave up everything to move to the country and run a farm that Claire’s deceased parents used to own. They’re determined to make the farm succeed but lately they’ve been struggling to keep it profitable. Lauren Hayes plays Claire’s sister Beverly who, along with her boyfriend John (Julian T. Brown) have moved to the farm for the summer to help run it. Jay Huguley plays Tenner, the farmhand who’d been working on the farm ever since back when Claire and Beverly’s parents were still alive. Monique Parent plays Beverly’s friend Charlene, who has come from “the city” (that’s all it’s ever referred to as) to visit.

We learn that Dylan and Claire are just trying to get the farm to survive through to something called “the harvest” which should bring in enough money for them to keep running. A meeting with their lawyer doesn’t go well, as he informs them that the bank is eager to foreclose because they’ve missed their last three payments. When Dylan about some of the setbacks they’ve faced recently, including broken gates and missing equipment, and the lawyer brings up the fact that a major development company bought their neighbor’s farm but needs their farm too to fully develop the land, I was immediately able to figure out that there was some shady business going, and that the lawyer (played by Stephen Howard) was behind it. It just seemed so obvious that I don’t feel bad for “spoiling” it in this review.

So, yes, in the end the scheme is uncovered and the farm is saved, but there’s a lot that happens between the characters before we get there. Although Beverly and John seem happy, Beverly is quite obviously lusting after Tanner throughout the film. As the film progresses we see a conflict in that Beverly is considering staying on the farm, while John wants to get back to the city. When Charlene arrives, we learn that she used to date John’s brother, who left her at the alter 2 years earlier, and Charlene’s been single ever since. When she arrives on the farm, Beverly tries to get her interested in Tanner, but Charlene says she’s not interested in dating anyone and says she can’t sleep with a guy unless she’s in love with him.

That restriction clearly doesn’t apply to women though, as a few minutes later the two ladies are skinny dipping in a lake which turns into some hot lesbian sex.

And that brings us to the best part of the film, the multiple sex scenes. There 11 altogether, including the lesbian scene (which is the highlight of the film). The other 10 scenes are all b/g.

Allison Thomas-Miller and Brad Bartram have two scenes together.

Lauren Hayes has two scenes with Julian T. Brown and two scenes with Jay Huguley.

Monique Parent has one scene with Jay Huguley and one scene with Julian T. Brown.

Keri Windsor plays Nicole, the daughter of a neighboring farmer, and she and Scott Anthony, who plays her boyfriend Bobby, had two scenes together.

It’s a full-length film, about an hour and 43 minutes. The cast are all fine actors, Monique, Lauren, and Brad were already pretty experienced actors by this point in their careers. It looks like this may have been Keri Windsor’s first softcore film, after already appearing in hardcore films before this, but she did a great job. And Jay Huguley was relatively new at this point, but has gone on to have a long career in mainstream roles.

But whether you sit to watch the film for the story, or just skip forward to the sex scene, Temptations is a…tempting film to watch (see what I did there?). Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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