Thrills: A Ghostly Affair/The Muse


Following up the last three Mondays here’s another two episodes of the 2001 softcore TV series Thrills (also known as “Thrills Magazine”) starring Lauren Hays as a magazine editor.

Written and directed by Alon Kaplan, this was the 11th episode of the series. Lance Moseley stars as Fred and Ruby Bullock is Daphne, both are reporters who work toggether at Thrills. In the opening scene Daphne has a dream where she’s in bed, dressed as some kind of Harem girl, and Fred is an dressed like a soldier from ancient Roman. She knows it’s a dream and therefor goes along with having sex with Fred. IT’s a good scene, a bit longer than most of the opening sex scenes on this series (a little over 3 and a half minutes) and then Daphne wakes up. Then we cut to Frank waking up in his bed, and it looks like he had the same dream. That sets the stage for the spookiness to come.

After the opening credits, we cut to the Thrills office. Daphne and Fred are each telling coworkers about their dream, which surprises the others because up til now Daphne and Fred have not gotten along very well. Then Felicia comes in an says she’s sending Daphne and Fred to go visit a local commune that it run free a free-love sex religious cult. On their way out to the commune, the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and they can’t get signals on Fred’s cellphone. Fred thinks he sees a woman in the woods, but she disappears, so they go walking to look for help. They come across a big house and knock on the door. The door is open, they go inside, it appears to be empty, a bunch of old furniture all covered in sheets an cobwebs. They each think they keep seeing people who disappear. Then they can’t find their way back out. They get separated and Fred suddenly sees the woman from before (Susan Anne Wall), she’s very pale, and topless, and she starts to go down on Fred, but then disappears, leaving him on a couch with his pants pulled down. .

Daphne goes into a bedroom and sees a naked man (Howard Russell) waving a fan as two naked women have sex on the bed. As Daphne gets closer she sees that one of the women is her (the other woman is Stephanie Swinney). She panics and runs out the room. She and Fred bump into each other again, and they go back into the room, but it’s empty. They sit down and Fred stars giving her a massage, but when she turns around it’s the naked woman again, and the two of them have hot lesbian sex. Near the end, Daphne looks up and sees herself walking into the room, then she “wakes” up alone on the bed. Meanwhile, Fred goes into another room, finds a table with a ouija board, he uses it and conjures the pale topless woman from before, she starts to dance on the table for him, and then sits in his lap, but then disappears again. There’s some more ghost stuff, and I won’t spoil the “twist” ending, but just know that Daphne and Fred finally do have sex for real in the end…or do they?!?

This one also written by Kaplan, but directed by Lucas Riley, and it was the 12th episode of the series. Jessa Leigh is Sam and Rico Vega is Kevin, they’re both reporters at Thrills. In the opening scene they’re posing as college students and end up having sex as part of some kind of sorority/fraternity initiation thing. Their next assignment is to find and promote some young aspiring artist. Sam recommends a waitress they know named Shondra (played by Flower Edwards aka Miyoko Fujimori aka Miyoko Rifkin), but when they all approach Shondra she’s reluctant. Sam works on figuring out why. We learn that Shondra is shy about showing off her work because she creates her paintings by covering her nude body in paint and glitter and then rolling around on the canvas while masturbating.

Hey, whatever works, right? So throughout this episode we get several scenes of Shondra doing just that, as well as washing herself off (and masturbating some more, in the shower). Eventually, they convince Shondra to go along with this, Felicia plans a big art exhibit to show Shondra’s work to the world. Shondra invites Sam to watch her paint, and same gets turned on by what she sees, and rushes home to have sex with Kevin. Then the next time she joins Shondra for a painting session in leads to hot lesbian sex. Shondra’s art showcase is a huge success, and she, Sam, and Kevin celebrate in the end with hot threesome. THE END.

Wow, these some of the hottest episodes ever. All the sex scenes are smokin’, and the women are gorgeous. Rico Vega isn’t the best actor, he has this goofy grin on his face most of the time, but it’s not enough to distract from the overall quality of these episodes. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

Both UNRATED episodes are available on a single dvd (along with a third episode which I left out, because I don’t have it) via iOFFER

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  1. I loved thrills. I always thought ruby was the hottest girl ever put on that show, I only wish they would have cast her in more episodes!!


  2. Excellent review.

    ‘Thrills’ was an excellent show. I really liked it and watched most episodes. ‘A Ghostly Affair’ is a particular favorite. I’ve even used the scenario in some of my fiction writing. The girl/girl scene blew me away the first time I saw it. And the three or four times more. I always enjoyed how stunned she was by it being another woman instead of her colleague and then how she got into it. Oh that scene could have gone on and on. I love it. They looked like they were really into it.

    Sure would like to see it again.



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