Weekend Sexcapades

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A Weekend getaway turns into swinging fun for a couple.

Here’s a film from last year which I have only just heard of it, because, like most new softcore films from Mainline Releasing/MRG Entertainment, it has not been released on DVD as of yet. But while I was scrolling though my TV guide tonight I saw this listed on Cinemax  and that it was starring Erika Jordan (pictured above, since I don’t have a DVD cover to use), Jayden Cole, and Misty Anderson, so of course I had to set my timer to catch this.

Directed by David Campbell (strangely, no writer is credited), the main focus of this movie is on Annie (Cole) and Michael (Jason Sarcinelli), a somewhat happy married couple. Annie is frustrated because Michael is a workaholic who works long hours. And even when he’s home at night and one weekends he’s always making phone calls or checking emails in regards to work. Early in the film we get a scene of them having sex on a Saturday morning in their bed, but then afterwards Michael is back to checking his phone. Annie tells him how frustrated she is, and convinces Michael to go away to a Bed and Breakfast in the mountains, which had been recommended to her by a new coworker.

The B&B is run by Serena (Jordan) and her husband Max (Sean Juergens), who greet their new guests and let them know that Annie’s coworker Todd (Paul Zalman) and his wife Kristen (Anderson) are also staying at the B&B that weekend. Soon after showing Annie and Michael to their room, Serena and Max rush off to the kitchen and have sex. Later, the guests meet, and the big surprise is that Michael and Kristen already know each other (she manages the building that Michael works at) and have been secretly having an affair. We actually see this in the opening of the movie, as Kristen comes to Michael’s office late and night and seduces him, but the film fades to black and cuts to another scene without actually showing us the sex. But don’t worry, we do get our chance to see Sarcinelli and Anderson in action together, as they both sneak off to a bedroom to have sex while Annie and Todd, who are unaware that their spouses even know each other, are talking in another room. Later, Serena gets Annie alone, and tells her the secret that she and Max have been swinging with Todd and Kristen ever since they met. Annie is turned on by this idea, and this leads Serena to seduce her on the couch, in a very hot lesbian scene. Halfway through the action, Max and Todd walk in and stand there and watch as the ladies continue to go at it.

That night, Annie and Max meet in their room, and Annie starts to confess to him that she had sex with Serena, but he assumes that she had sex with Todd and gets mad and storms out before she can explain. This scene didn’t make much sense, as Annie just stays in the room instead of going after Max to explain. Then we see Todd and Kristen in their room, where Todd brings up the possibility of them swinging with Annie, specifically Todd wants to see Kristen and Annie together. So, apparently, Todd and Kristen are only “open” with Serena and Max, which is why Kristen has kept her affair with Michael a secret from Todd. Then Todd and Kristen have sex. This is weakest sex scene in the film, but that’s not due to any fault of the actors, it’s just that because it’s night time the room is mostly dark so we can’t see them as clearly. Afterward, Todd goes down to the kitchen to get a drink of water, and finds Annie there. She tells them that Michael has left the B&B. Todd admits his attraction to her and tries to seduce her, but Annie resists and leaves the room. The next morning, Michael returns and is angry, he’s ready to confront Todd, and starts a big argument in front of everyone, where he admits that he and Kristen have been having an affair, so Todd punches him in the face, and then Michael leaves, with Kristen following after him. Todd and Annie stay behind at the B&B and talk about their marriages. This, of course, leads to sex.

And that’s it. After Annie and Todd finish having sex, the credits roll. Story-wise, it’s a bit unsatisfying, as the end is rather abrupt. What happens next? Does this mean Annie and Todd are going to be together, and that Max and Kristen are going to be together, as well? We’re not really giving any clue about that, so that’s a strange ending. Up to that point, it was a pretty decent movie. All of the cast members do some pretty convincing acting, even with the flaws in the story. And, of course, the main reason we watch these films is for the sex scenes, all of which are shot very well. I think my favorites are the scene with Annie and Todd plus the smoking hot lesbian scene with Annie and Selena. But all of the other scenes are very good too. Mainline/MRG seem to aim their softcore films more at couples, so all the sex scenes are shot slow and romantic, with lots of kissing between the actors, which helps make it look more “real.” With a stronger ending I could give this film a perfect rating but, as such, it’s still worth at least FOUR STARS

Now if only Mainline would start releasing these films on DVD, or at least for digital downloading… In the meantime, check your cable listing for future airings of  Weekend Sexcapades on cable.

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