Allura Eden aka Alaura  Eden

I don’t have a DVD cover for this, so I’m just using a picture of the star for this post. Released in 2004 from MRG Entertainment this is another softcore compliation film, where the studio takes a bunch of sex scenes from previous films or TV shows and puts them together with a new framing sequence to create a “new” film. Softcore veteran writers Edward Gorsuch and April White wrote the new sequence with Rex Ryder directing

Adult film start Allura Eden stars as Mia Jacobs, who hosts a live call-in talk show on TV. One day before work she catches her boyfriend Tate (Billy Chappell) having sex with another woman (Kristen Price) and is devestated. The guest for her show that day is a sex and relationship therapist named Dr. Shannon Jones (Julia Kruis). As the show begins Mia reveals to the doctor and the audience what just happened to her, and says that her first instinct is to get revenge on Tate somehow, possibly by rushing out to have sex with someone else. Dr. Jones proceeds to tell Mia about the experience of some of her patients who have dealt with infidelity Also they have a few viewers call in to share their stories. And the old scenes are show here as flashbacks of those past encounters.

It’s a pretty decent concept for a framing sequece. And the writers and director chose some good scenes and utilze them well, making them fit the storyline of the new film as if they were made for it. The scenes all come from episodes of the first season of the softcore TV series Beverly Hills Bordello. So, for example, we have scenes from an episode where a man finds out that his girlfriend is a prostitute working at the bordello, and when he demands that she quit she tries to argue that it’s just a job and that the sex she has with other men doesn’t mean anything to her, so her hires one of the other prostitutes at the bordello to have sex with him, and when she finds out she gets jealous and realizes how he feels about her being with other men. So this film presents it as the story of women telling her about the time she found her boyfriend cheating, and we get one of the scenes of the couple having sex as a flashback, followed by the scene of the man with the other prostitute which is presented as him cheating, and then there’s a scenes of the woman having sex with one of clients which is presented her going out to cheat to get revenge. 

Altogether we get 14 old sex scenes in this film.

David Christensen is in three scenes, one with  “Ruby” , one with Landon Hall and one with Nicole Gian.
Rudy and Landon Hall also have a lesbian scene, which Christensen watches.
These scenes are taken from the episode titled THE  LIEUTENANT 

From the episode INSPIRATION we get two scenes, Richard Neil with Jennifer Burton and Richard Neil with Gabriella Hall.

Danial Namath and Kim Yates have two scenes together. Plus Namath has a scene with Robin South and Yates has a scene with Sam Anno, all taken from the episode THE BOYFRIEND

And from the episode REUNION we get four episodes, three of Clay Greenbush and Tracy Dalli and one of Greenbush with Kimberly Marie. 

And that’s combined with three new scenes shot for this film. The aforementioned scene with Billy Chappell and Kristen Price plus a scene with Julia Kruis and Randy Spears (who plays Mia’s TV producer Colin) and a lesbian scene between Kruis and Allura.

Beverly Hills Bordello was one of the best of the softcore series from the 1990’s, so you can’t go wrong choosing scenes from the series. And the new scenes are pretty hot as well. The only thing that keeps me from giving this film a perfect rating is that a few of the BHB scenes are cut, they don’t show the entire action. Still, this is a good enough compilation film to recommend it with a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS

Jason Majercik is selling this film as an UNRATED DVD for $24.99. He’s also selling BEVERLY HILLS BORDELLO season 1 as a 3-disc UNRATED set for $39.99 Email him at for his softcore inventory list

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