Cronus vs. Black Cloud is the brief story of Cronus’ encounter with a new possibly unstoppable Super Villain. The Story So Far…. For the better part of the Twentieth Century, the nations of the world competed in a superhuman arms race to produce beings of unimaginable power. Humans with extraordinary abilities—capable of soaring through the skies, melting titanium with their minds or even generating destructive force enough to topple entire cities—were engineered or procured by governments as tools for warfare and national security. The Soviet Union and the United States of America produced many legendary heroes as they were popularly called. The most powerful of the heroes served as “Champions” of their countries. Of these “Champions”, the American hero known as Cronus was the strongest. Cronus was code-named after the father of the Greek gods due to his great power. His reputation as the strongest man on earth was earned in battle: besting Yuri the Invincible in single combat, ending the reign of the Warlord Roca, and single-handedly halting the advance of Boudicca and her Ashanti Sisters.

This story, written by creator Scott Beach, opens with the American superhero, Cronus, arriving in an unnamed foreign city, which has been devastated by an unknown assailant. He is soon confronted by the being responsible, a man calling himself Black Cloud. The next 9 pages feature a brutal non-stop fight between these two superhumans, leaving a ton of destruction in their wake, which Cronus only barely manages to survive. It’s an exciting story, which packs a punch (no pun intended), and artist Stanley Weaver Jr., who provides the interior art (Shawn Alleyne draws the cover) does a very capable job portraying the action. But I do think that Blaire Smith’s coloring dulls the impact a little, I would have preferred some brighter color in this issue. Also, storywise, a little more background about the main character would have been nice. But the story is called Super Brawl, and it delivers on that. Thus, I recommend this issue with a rating of FOUR STARS.

Learn more about Cronus at and purchase this issue via INDYPLANET

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