Two soldiers at war. Both American. Both super human. Both determined to wipe the other off the face of the Earth! Will today bring an end to their long rivalry?

Following up from the first Super Brawl, writer Scott Beach brings us this tale of an all-out battle between superhero Valiant (who can fly, create force fields, and is super strong) and supervillain Ripper (also super-strong, with a healing factor, and arsenal of weapons).

Much like with the first issue there isn’t all that much I can reveal about the story with spoilers. The title is Super Brawl, and it lives up to that. This is an action story, and it delivers pretty much non-stop action from beginning to end. But this does have some added drama as the fight begins with a hostage situation where not only the live of the hero is at stake, but of an innocent woman. And through narration Beach fills in the background of how these characters first encountered each other.

The interior artwork by Ben Harvey is very good here. Nice clean style. He doesn’t hold back from showing the mass destruction that ensues. The cover art is by Shawn Alleyne and Blair Smith (the colorist), and that is also well-done. All in all, a good effort by all creators involved.

However, it is a short comic, only 15 pages. And while do feel that it’s worth it at just $1.99, because of the shortness I feel that the highest rating I can fairly give this is THREE STARS


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