This book from Meg Harris is a sci-fi story. It begins in outer space, as Prince Barrat of the planet Terra (which is implied to be Earth, about 600 years in the future after some kind of great calamity occurred and most of the human race has spread out among the stars) is commanding a spaceship to meet with representatives of the Zytellians, an aggressive alien race (who are likewise descended from humanity). Through dialog between Barrat and his First Officer Ama, we quickly learn that the Zytellians are much more technologically advanced than the Terrans, and have already conquered most of the galaxy. They also happen to be a Matriarchal society, where women are in charge and men are basically kept as slaves, specifically as sex slaves. Barrat is eager to negotiate with the Zytellians, and form an alliance, in hopes of keeping his people safe, although he is doubtful of the Zytellians intentions.

Sure enough, Barrat’s doubts prove correct when his ship, The Heron, encounters the much larger Zytellian flagship, The Dominant, and the next thing he knows, he’s waking up chained to a wall, stark-naked, in a cell on The Dominant. And it is there that he first meets Tiryl, the female leader of the Zytellians, who informs Barrat that she intends to “claim” him as her own, and add him to her Harem of male sex slaves. Harris does an excellent job of painting a picture with her words as during this first encounter Barrat struggles with his own desires. Tiryl is described as a tall blond voluptuous woman with cat-like eyes (& fangs). When she first walks into the cell her hair is tied up in a bun and she’s wearing a form-fitting Black jumpsuit. When she lets her hair down (which reaches to her waist) and peels out of her jumpsuit, revealing her large breasts and wet pussy, Barrat finds himself unable to look away and, despite his urge to not give her the satisfaction of knowing she can turn him on (& aware that if he allows her to seduce him that will be the end of his free will and he will be irrevocably her slave), he is soon sporting a massive erection. We also learn that Zytellian females emit special pheromones which make arouse men who get near them. After some more teasing, Tiryl leaves him alone in his cell, and allows him to be unshackled, so that she can watch from a video monitor as he Barrat (who is described as a tall, muscular, handsome man with shoulder-length black hair) jacks himself off while fantasizing about her.

That sets the tone for the “encounters” between Barrat and Tiryl. Even though we learn Zytellian females possess a special venom in their blood, and that they can control males by biting them (that’s what the fangs are for), Tiryl is determined to “break” Barrat, naturally and slowly, because of his Royal status among his own people. It will be more satisfying for her to make his eventually comply willingly. The book contains several more encounters between the two, as Tiryl comes into Barrat’s cell to tease and taunt him sexually, and he does his best to resist (to no avail). After one particularly intense encounter, she leaves him chained to a bed all day, unable to relieve his aching erection. The pleasure and pain is intense, and the descriptions of these encounters should satisfy any fan of femmedom erotica.

But this book isn’t all just about sex. We get some glimpses into the inner workings of they Zytellian fleet, as Tiryl is called upon to give orders to quell various uprisings among other conquered planets. There is also a treacherous plot revealed among Tiryl’s crew, which Barrat uses to his advantage in an attempt to rescue his crew and escape. I will say no more, for fear of spoilers, but it all makes for a dramatic and exciting (as well as sexually arousing) story.

There are a couple of small complaints I could make. There’s lots of discussion and debate between Tiryl and Barrat about the proper roles in society for men and women, with Tiryl arguing the merits of female superiority while Barrat insists on complete gender equality. There is mention of 11 female members in Barrat’s crew, who are also taken hostage yet treated like honored guests (unlike the males in the crew, who are all chained naked in cells like Barrat), and I thought it would have been interesting if some of them may have been swayed to the Zytellian’s side and betrayed Barrat. But none did. Also, the way the story ends (which, again, I won’t reveal here) is bit of a cliché to me. That’s what keeps me from giving this a full 5 Stars. But, still, thanks to the intensity of the sex scenes I give this a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS


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