Written by Janine Gosselin and directed by Rachel Gordon this 2003 film has the basic “fatal attraction” premise of a woman stalking a man who dumped her after sex. Except there is a bit of a twist here. John Busse stars as Brandon, he’s engaged to marry Julie (Samantha Sterlyng) and, as the film begins, he’s preparing to go fishing with his two best friends Eric (Micah Bradshaw) and Chase (Nikki Fomosa – yes, he’s a man, but his name is listed as “Nikki”, go figure) for a weekend before the wedding, having promised Julie that he would not have any kind of bachelor party. The film starts off with a bang, as before he leaves Brandon and Julie have sex in their bedroom.

When the guys come to pick Brandon up they let him know that instead of camping, they’ve secretly arranged for them to spend the weekend at a special singles resort, where they can meet hot women, for one last weekend of sexual freedom before his marriage. Despite his surprise, Brandon doesn’t seem to need to much convincing to go along with it. At the resort, the guys make bets about picking up women. Although, we see several attractive women at the resort, apparently only two are really available, Sonja (Jacklyn Lick) and Tamara (Mia Zottoli) because the guys basically take turns having sex with the same women. First Chase gets lucky and has a threesome with Sonja and Tamara in a hot-tub, then we later see Brandon having sex Tamara outdoors on a park bench, and then we see Eric having sex with Sonja outdoors by a big tree. Brandon also meets a woman at the resort named Tory (Billie Jean Kirkland) and supposedly hooks up with her, but for some reason they don’t actually show that scene. And then Chase has sex with Sonja by herself, one more time, in her room at the resort. He pretends to really care about her and implies that they have a future together in order to get her into bed (I don’t know why, she’d already joined him for a threesome, so it’s not like she was opposed to casual sex) and afterward he leaves and tells her he’ll call her. But he also tells her that his name is Brandon.

The film then jumps ahead two weeks, after Brandon and Julia have gotten married. We see that Brandon has a girlfriend, played by Ashley Renee, and we later get a scene of them having sex in their bathroom. But then Brandon starts getting calls from Sonja, demanding that they should be together and threatening to get rid of Julie. Brandon doesn’t know who she is, and assumes that she’s either Tamara or Tory, one of the two women that he actually had sex with at the resort. So he tries to track her down and convince her to shut up before Julie finds out what happened. Sonja even calls him multiple times at work, getting him in trouble with his boss. Then, unbeknownst to him, Sonja gets a temp job as Julie’s new secretary at Julie’s job, all the while continuing to call and harass Brandon and threaten Julie. The strain of keeping this secret makes Julie suspect that Brandon is having an affair, and one night she confides to Sonja and Sonja seduces her. Eventually Brandon finds out from Chase what Chase did, and they and Eric all try to find Sonja before Sonja carries through on her threat to kill Julie.

I won’t spoil the actual ending, but that’s unimportant anyway. The important thing is that all 8 sex scenes in this film are HOT, and that’s worth watching it for. You can just fast-forward through the dialog scenes. Much like many of Jim Wynorski’s softcore films, the sex scenes are all shot with music playing, and no actual sounds or dialog from the actors. Story-wise, it’s also a tad ironic Brandon’s life almost gets ruined by Sonja when the truth is that he’s the only one in the main cast who didn’t actually have sex with her, unlike Chase, Eric and Julie!

Rachel Gordon assembled a hot group of actresses for this film, and it’s definitely a winner in my book. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

Unfortunately, all I can currently see available on either Amazon or iOffer is the R-rated version. I have the UNRATED version on tape, and if I can find that for sale anywhere, I will update this.

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