The Sex Files: Double Identity (aka Confessions of A Call Girl)

Sorry for the bad picture, this was the clearest I could find online.

This is a movie from 1998, which I still have recorded on tape, under the name Confessions of A Call Girl. At some point in the intervening years it was renamed and re-released, under the “Sex Files” brand, much like Pleasure World, as Double Identity. Written by Jill Hayworth and directed by Francis Locke and E.J. Samuels, this film has a somewhat incredulous premise. Leslie Zemeckis stars as Reese, a high-end call girl, and Amy Lindsay co-stars as Chloe, an ambitious newspaper reporter. One night Reese is hired to go meet a wealthy businessman at a hotel, while Chloe is sent to that same hotel to interview a rising politician. Due to a mix-up at the front desk, each lady is sent to the meet the wrong man. Reese meets the politician, a man named John (Basil MacDonald) and, assuming that he expects sex she seduces him. Amy meets the businessman, Bill (Charles Thomas), who immediately comes on to her when she walks in. Assuming that he’s the politician and thinking that if she has sex with him it will help her career by giving her a great story, she has sex with him. Afterward, each woman realizes their mistake, although the men remain clueless. John is immediately smitten with Reese and wants to start a relationship with her, so she agrees to see him again. And when Bill pays Chloe $3000, which is way more than she could make in one night as a reporter, she accepts it.

The movie then flashes forward three years. Reese and John are married, and he has been elected Governor, and is even a rumored future Presidential candidate. They seem blissfully happy, but unbeknownst to John Reese continues to secretly work as a Call Girl, except now she wears an obviously fake blonde or red wigs when she’s with a client to disguise her identity. Chloe is still a reporter, but now “freelance”, and when she ends up meeting John and Reese she soon she figures out Reese’ secret background, and the connection between the two of them. She gets jealous of Reese’s current lifestyle, feeling that it was actually her who was meant to meet and marry John and be a future First Lady. How far will Chloe go to get the life she fees she deserves? And how far will Reese go to keep her secret? That’s what you need to watch to find out!

This is one of those very rare softcore movies that is actually worth watching for the story, not just the sex. It’s pretty well-written, the only thing I’d object to is Reese’s decision to continue working as a Call Girl while married to the Governor. It would be hard enough for her to keep her past a secret, since many former clients would recognize her when she’s in the news, but pretty much impossible to do so if she’s still working as a Call Girl. Nevertheless, the drama that builds between the two women when the finally meet keeps you on edge as you wait to see how this is going to turn out. And both Zemeckis and Lindsay are, in addition to being beautiful, quite accomplished actresses, who play their parts well.

Of course, there are the sex scenes, most of which are hot. Initially in the hotel mix-up, the film switches back and forth between Zemeckis having sex with MacDonald and Lindsay having sex with Thomas, both rooms are dark, so you can’t really see much. This happens again in two more scene of Lindsay having sex. Zemeckis gets one more sex scene with MacDonald and it’s much better. She also has two other sex scenes with men who are playing her clients. Lori Morrissey plays another Call Girl who works with Reese, and she has a sex scene with man. And there’s Delphine Pacific, who plays a woman who is just a friend of Reese and of Chloe’s (that’s how they eventually meet) and Reese sets her up with a man and we see them have sex.

So there are some good arousing moments in this film, to compliment the dramatic story. I highly recommend this film with a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS.


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