SIN CITY DIARIES episode 1: In Capable Hands


This softcore series was created by Jeffrey Pittle, John Quinn, and Paul Remo, and originally aired for one season of 13 episodes on Cinemax in the summer of 2007.  Set in Las Vegas, the series starred redheaded bombshell Amber Smith as Angelica, described on IMDB as a “concierge expert.”

From her high-rise office overlooking the Strip, Casino Owners rely heavily upon her to make their high rollers happy. As she helps clients live out their deepest fantasies in this playground and paradise we all know and love as Sin City.

Justin Lopez and Elena Talan co-starred as Angelica’s assistants, Matthew and Sasha, and they each appeared in 11 out of the 13 episodes. The episodes usually focused on the stories of various guest-stars, which included several well-known softcore and hardcore actors, but a few times Angelica, Matthew and Sasha would get little plots of their own.

This first episode was written by N.D. French and directed by John Quinn. It featured Hannah Harper and Emmanuel Delcour as Erica and Tommy, a famous celebrity couple. Erica is said to be an actress but it’s never mentioned exactly what Tommy does. They’ve come to Vegas to get married, hopefully in secret. But when a paparazzi manages to get a picture of them in their hotel room, the hotel’s manager Anthony (Marc Appleby) hires Angelica to help the couple celebrate and get married in private. Angelica and her staff try to navigate the couple through their separate bachelor and bachelorette parties, safe from prying eyes, but when word of the upcoming wedding leaks out, will the couple be forced to call it off? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!

In this episode we get three full sex scenes, two between Hannah and Emmanuel. There is also a sex scene with Brooke Banner, who plays a friend of Erica’s, and Sarge Logan, who plays a male stripper who performed at Erica’s bachelorette party. All the scenes are very hot. All four actors are also hardcore performers (Emmanuel is better known under the name Jean Val Jean, Brooke is also Lindsay Brooke and Brooke Brand), so they all have great bodies and know how to make the sex look real. I’ll note that we also get clear shots of both men’s penis’ (flaccid, of course), just because it’s rare to see male full frontal nudity in softcore productions, so for those of you who are interested in this sort of thing, you’ll be happy.

This is a well-shot episode with a good story, it’s a nice introduction to the series. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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