Hotel Erotica Cabo episode 1: Addicted To Love

Years ago I reviewed the first season of HOTEL EROTICA, a softcore series that ran for two seasons back in 2002-2003. Now I’m going to start reviewing this follow-up series, except I’ll be doing just one episode at a time. Original series creator Gary Dean Orona is also credited with creating this series, which originally aired in 2006. It shares a similar name and premise as the first one but, beyond that, there is no connection between the two shows.

This series starred Divini Rae and Kimberly Fisher as Corrine and Amanda, two women who co-manage a hotel in Cabo San Lucas. Like the original series, this is an anthology series where in each episode new guests arrive at the hotel and have various sexual encounters. Most of the time Corrine and Amanda are simply helping the guests and observing, although in some episodes they have plots and sexual encounters of their own. Another nice trend about this series is that they tended to feature four full sex scenes in each half-hour episode, instead of other similar series which would usually have three.

Written by D.B. Brooks and directed by Gary Dean Orona this first episode sets the stage for the series. Mark Gullion plays Amanda’s father Collin, he’s the owner of the hotel. Amanda has just arrived for the first time and Collin is showing her around, hoping to convince her to stay and help manage the hotel for a couple of months while he’s away on business. Amanda wants to be a writer, so she’s not sure if this is the right job for her now, but Collin tells her that she could find a lot of creative inspiration living in Cabo. He introduces her to Corrine, who’s already been working there, and she also tries to convince Amanda to stay, telling her how she first came to Cabo on vacation with her ex, but once there she didn’t want to leave, so she stayed. She point out how the local beach is known as the “lovers beach” as the environment tends to arouse passion in its visitors.

So that’s the main plot, Amanda exploring the beach, trying to decide if she’ll stay, The secondary plot involves a man named Matt (Eddie Jay) who has come to stay at the hotel. He’s supposed to be meeting with his psychiatrist, who is trying to help him with his agoraphobia and social anxiety. But he’s surprised when it turns out that his doctor had to cancel because of an accident and has sent another doctor, a woman named Molly (played by (Kay Day) as a replacement. But Matt is reluctant to follow any of Molly’s suggestions to get him out of his shell.

Spoiler alert, in the end Molly cures Matt by having sex with him, and Amanda decides to take the job as Collin leaves the hotel in her and Corrine’s hands.

Along the way we do get some hot sex scenes, there’s the aforementioned scene with Kay Day and Eddie Jay, plus Divini gets two scenes, one with Wayne Morris who plays Corrine’s ex Sergei, and one with another unnamed man. There are also several short scenes where Amanda is out on the beach and observes several couples in the act of having sex, or other people just walking around and laying on the beach in the nude. This establishes the environment of the show. This episode gets the season kicked off with a good start. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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