This is one of my favorite softcore films from the 90’s. I’m lucky enough to still have it recorded on tape, because it’s very hard to find now. I don’t usually review films that aren’t easily available for purchase, but I’m making an exception here (because it’s my blog, and I feel like it, so there).

Written by Leland Zaitz and diected by Leland Price (two guys named Leland? Now that’s a coincidence), this 1998 film is a twist on the Fatal Attraction plot, except instead of a single woman stalking a married man, it’s one couple stalking another couple. Joe Fedio and Kim Yates play young Dan and Kelli, and Lauren Hays and Corbin Timbrook play Rita and Steve. Dan and Kelli have been dating for 3 years when this film begins, Dan works for Kelli’s father and is doing pretty well at the company, having just gotten a large bonus. They’re on vacation spending time in a beach house. They notice Rita and Steve on the beach, and even watch them having sex in public. Then one day Rita and Steve come over, claiming that the power has gone out in the beach house that they’re staying in and ask to borrow some candles. The couples become friendly, and have dinner together, and then play vollyball, where both women get topless. Rita and Steve are very wild and exhibitionist and it starts to rub off on Dan and Kelli, leading to some swapping one night. Well, not full-swapping. Dan and Rita have sex in the kitchen while Kelli and Steve kiss on the beach and Steve reaches under Kelli’s skirt and masturbates her. The next day Dan and Kelli say goodbye to Rita and Steve and go back home. The movie then jumps ahead two weeks, Dan and Kelli are happy at home and then suddenly Rita and Steve show up. Steve says he’s got a job in town and they’ve bought the house next door to them. And the rest of the movie is Rita and Steve continuously ingratiating themselves into Dan and Kelli’s lives, to the point where it first becomes annoying, but when Dan and Kelli try to distance themselves, it starts becoming dangerous…

So that’s the set-up. The rest of the film divides itself between escalating episodes of stalkerism and more sex scenes. And there are a bunch of hot sex scenes in this film. Dan and Kelli have sex three times, Rita and Steve have sex twice. Dan and Rita have sex twice, and there’s the aforementioned scene with Kelli and Steve, plus there’s a hot lesbian scene between Kelli and Rita. Kelli, who is a massage therapist, also has a scene where she massages a naked woman (played by Bo Zena), which is pretty erotic even though it’s not strictly “sex”. Rita also has sex with a police office, played by Brett Miller, and with a female stripper, played by Leah Jediny. All the sex scenes are top notch, due in large part to the immense sex appeal of Yates and Hays. This is why this film has remained one of my favorite softcore thrillers.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

Like I said, it’s hard to find, especially the unrated version on DVD. If you’ve got a few hundred bucks to spare, go to Amazon.

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