BEDTIME STORIES episode 4: Another Woman

Nikki Fritz

Written by April White and Edward Gorsuch, and directed by R.Lord.

Nikki Fritz guest-stars as Susan, who approaches Belle (Kim Sill) with a relatively unusual fantasy, in that she really wants to watch as her husband, Joel (played by Richard Neil), has sex with another woman. But she is worried about the implications, in that she wouldn’t want the other woman to be a friend of theirs, as that could cause unexpected complications and feelings, but likewise she doesn’t want to just pick some random stranger, as that could be dangerous. She also wants to make it clear that it’s only okay in this particular situation that she arranges, and that it doesn’t means that Joel can just go off to have sex with other women whenever he wants from now on.

So Belle agrees to set it up, but Nikki then has to let Joel know what’s going on and convince him to go along with it. Although this is obviously many men’s fantasy, Joel is a bit hesitant. But, of course, he does end up going with Susan to see Belle, who then introduces them to Andrea (played by Tess Broussard). After some brief and slightly awkward small talk, Joel and Andrea have sex on one couch, while Nikki watches and masturbates on another couch. In the end, it seems like everyone is satisfied. But are they?

But after returning home, Joel and Susan get into an argument. Joel thought that they were going to Belle’s for a threesome, but is confused that Susan wasn’t involved and doesn’t know what that means. But he’s mainly upset that Susan lied to him. This is the point where the storyline for this episode sort of falls apart. Joel’s “angry” just doesn’t feel real, and just seems like an attempt to add some kind of conflict to the story, but it just doesn’t work.

Nevertheless we get 4 good sex scenes. 3 featuring Fritz and Neil, and the one with Broussard and Neil (which includes nudity from Fritz). It could have been better if they did include an actual threesome. Susan and Joel discuss it at the end, since that is still Joel’s fantasy, but we don’t see it happen. I think including that, and eliminating the argument, could have made this good episode even better.

Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

Bedtime Stories: The Complete Cable Series 2000 Unrated

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