Almost three years ago I reviewd the Italian softcore film Ossessione Fatale, and today I’m going to review other Italian softcore film. I originally saw this film on cable, where it had been dubbed in Englishand was titled “Threesome Wild” (I tried looking up Sapore Di Donna on Google Translate and the closest translation they gave me was “A Woman’s Taste”). Written and directed by Mario Gariazzo, Sapore Di Donna stars David D’Ingeo as a young Italian man named Perry. Even though only 18, and preparing to go to Medical school, Perry has been dating a girl named Carmen (played by Filomena Campagna), whom he is convinced that he is in love with and wants to marry. The two are sexually active, and we see them having sex in an elevator and then later in a public bathroom. This is explained as Carmen refusing to have sex in a bed until she’s married, which everyone thinks is weird, but Perry takes it as proof that Carmen is a “good girl.”

Despite his parents disapproval, Perry proposes to Carmen, which she accepts, and spends all of his money on an expensive engagement ring. Soon after, Carmen cheats on Perry with another man (played by Antonio Zequila), and when Perry finds out he’s enraged, and savagely beats her. Perry’s parents pay her off to prevent her from filing charges, but they think it’s best that Perry gets away from town, so they decide to ship him off to Miami to attend medical school there. It’s arranged that Perry will live with his mother’s old friend Laurie (Valentine Demy) who is a widower living with her stepdaughter Sheila (Deborah Cali aka Debora Cali). Perry arrives in Miami (note, everyone is still speaking Italian) and meets the ladies. He is surprised by how young-looking and attractive Laurie is, but is also immediately smitten with Sheila.

As time passes (it’s unclear how much time), Perry finds himself more and more attracted to Sheila, but tries to repress his feelings. He spends all his free time at home with the ladies, instead of out with the friends he’s made at school. Laurie is quite well-off, as evidenced by the large mansion they live in, and doesn’t appear to work, while Sheila co-owns a small linen shop with a friend. We do see Sheila at the shop, but she also has a secret that neither Laurie nor Perry knows, which is that she is also an erotic model. We see her doing photoshoots in lingerie and nude. One day Perry happens to pass a newsstand and recognizes Sheila on the cover of some porn-mag, where she’s credited under the name Linda. Perry buys the magazine and takes it home, and although it’s clearly her he has a hard time believing it (as, like Carmen, he thought she was a “good girl”) and wonders if maybe it’s just another woman that looks a lot like Sheila. Well, he happens to leave the magazine out where Sheila sees it when she gets home that night, and realizing that Perry now knows her secret she goes into his bedroom while he was asleep, wakes him up, climbs into bed with him and they have sex.

By the next day, and for several days afterward, Sheila goes out of her way to avoid him Perry, going to work early, not coming home for dinner, even hiding in the back when Perry tries to go to the linen store to see her. This drives Perry nuts, as he wants Sheila even more than ever now, and is confused by her behavior. It’s at this point that Laurie start finding herself imagining being with Perry, and as the two spend more time alone at home a mutual attraction grows, until they finally succumb to their feelings and have sex.

So if you’re thinking that laying both the stepmother and stepdaughter, while living with both in the same house, is liable to make to make things even more complicated, you’d be right. Sheila comes home while Laurie and Perry are having sex, and overhears them doing it. Now Sheila decides she wants to be with Perry after all, and plots to win him back from her stepmother.

Eduardo Gil plays Perry’s friend and schoolmate, Billy, whom is the one person Perry confides in about what’s going on, and who tries to give him advice. But Billy’s motives aren’t so pure, and one day right after Perry has left for school, Billy stops by the house and is greeted by Laurie, who lets him in when claims that he there’s to retrieve a book he loaned Perry. Instead, Billy proceeds to violently rape Laurie and then leave. And then Laurie finds the erotic magazine that Perry bought with Sheila’s nude pictures in it. That night there’s a big fight in the house between Laurie and Sheila both about the pictures and their mutual involvement with Perry, and Laurie also lets out what happened with Billy. When Perry hears that, he rushes to confront Billy. And, once again, his raging violent temper comes out…

I won’t spoil the ending, as there’s actually an interesting twist that I didn’t see coming.

This film is saved by its cast. With lesser actors, it may have seemed more absurd, but David D’Ingeo in particular makes an excellent leaving man. Young, naïve, sometimes reckless, but generally good, he’s someone you can identify with. It would have been easy to write his character off as a sleazy young man going after a woman and then her her stepmother, but that’s not how he plays it. His initial rush of feelings for Sheila is genuine, as is his confusion after she starts to avoid him. And it’s that very confusion which draws him into the arms of Laurie. And speaking of Laurie and Sheila, Valentine Demy and Deborah Cali are both equally stunning, in their own way. Valentine is a thin blonde, Deborah a voluptuous brunette, you can certainly understand how a man could find himself torn between both.

This is an intriguing and well-made film. Even if you don’t understand the language, you can enjoy it. Just make sure you get the UNRATED version. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

Being a foreign film, the DVD isn’t easy to find in America, try EBAY.

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