This is one bizarre film. It’s ostensibly about rape and kidnapping. Except if you were to ask most heterosexual men how would they feel about being kept as a sex slave to a beautiful woman, I don’t think most of them would consider that to be a bad thing.

Well, that’s what this film is about. I don’t even remember how I first heard about this film (also known as “Dangerous Obsession” or “Dangerous Game” in English), which was made in 1991, but I managed to get a copy of the DVD. It’s in Italian, and the DVD doesn’t give me any other language options or even subtitles, so I don’t know what anyone is saying in this film, and only know the names of some of the characters by the credits at the end, and I can’t describe the intricate details of the plot, I just kind of get the overview based on what I see.

Jonathan Bertuccelli plays Tony, who is some kind of lowlife. In the opening scene he’s playing cards in some shady club, and now he owes some big fat guy, who is some kind of criminal, a lot of money. Tony decides to get it through robbery. Carmen Di Pietro, who is smokin’ hot, plays a woman named Liza, who works at a TV station. She’s like a producer or director (or both). After work one day Tony corners her in the parking lot at her job and forces her at gunpoint to drive him to her house. When they get to her house, he starts coming on to her, and she gives in really quickly and they have sex. Twice. Well, we see them start to make out, and then the scene cuts to them laying in bed together naked smoking cigarettes, implied to be the afterglow of sex, and then they put the cigarettes out and have sex. The next morning, Liza puts some pills in a glass of orange juice and gives it to Tony and he drinks it and passes out. When he comes to he’s handcuffed to the bed naked, and Liza leaves him there all day while she goes to work. When she comes home that night she uncuffs him so he can use the bathroom, all the while she’s pointing his gun at him. Then she handcuffs him in the shower so she can wash his body, and then she handcuffs him to the bed again and has sex with him. I mean, technically, she’s “raping” him, because he’s handcuffed.

And that’s the majority of the rest of the movie. Liza keeps Tony handcuffed naked to her bed all day while she goes to work, and when she comes home she rapes him at night. We get several scenes of Liza raping Tony. She always does it very seductively, she’ll walk into the room and slowly strip out of her clothes or her robe and then climb on top of Tony and start riding him. Often leaning forward to shove her huge breasts in his face. It’s not clear exactly how long this goes on, at least a couple of weeks. At some point during the movie Liza has some important party to go to, so for whatever reason she takes Tony with her as her date. She buys him a tux, then forces him to put it on, she handcuffs their wrists together secretly keep the gun in her other hand, hidden in her purse, pointed at him, the whole time they’re at the party. That scenario stretched credibility a bit, but somehow it works, and after the party she takes him back home, and handcuffs him to the bed again.

But one of Liza’s coworkers, Mary (Jennifer Loeb) becomes attracted to Tony when she meets him at the party. She comes over to Liza’s house one night, asking to sleep over that night, and Liza agrees. But then Mary peeks in the bedroom door and watches while Liza is raping Tony that night. The next day, while she and Liza are at work, Mary leaves and goes back to Liza’s house, and goes to the room where Tony is handcuffed to the bed. Mary strips out of her clothes and gets on the bed and rapes Tony too. When Liza notices that Mary is gone, she guesses what happened and goes back home, arriving after Mary is already finished. Liza then decides to let Tony go, after paying off the guy he owed money too. So he’s a free man. We see him walking around his old hangouts, the bar and club, but refuses to join in any more card games. We see Liza go out on a date with a male coworker (I can’t figure out what his character’s name is, nor which actor is playing him), whom we’d seen her have sex with (well, he kissed her bare breast and went down on her) at the office earlier in the film. But neither of them Liza nor Tony seem very happy. In the end, Tony approaches Liza in the same parking lot, except this time there’s no gun, they embrace each other, implying that they’re going to be together now. THE END.

Written by Bruno Fontana and Steve Morelli, and directed by Joe D’Amato, this wacky film gets FIVE STARS

This is hard to find in America. Currently there are two copies of the DVD available on Amazon.

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