love me twice

If there were a Hall of Fame for Softcore actors, Monique Parent would be one of the first inductees. The woman has been turning on audiences for at least 24 years now. So the fact that this film promises a double-dose of Monique in one film is an instant attraction!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite live up the hype. Written by Jalee Bailey and directed by Eric Gibson, Monique stars as identical twin sisters Jessica and Julie Landry. Jessica has short hair and acts very conservative while Julie has long hair and is a wild girl. The general plot of this film is that Jessica has been arrested for stealing a valuable painting and a large sum of money from a modeling agency. But Jessica claims that it was actually Julie who stole it. Jeffery Thomas Johnson plays Phillip, the Public Defender assigned to Jessica’s case. After one meeting he is, for some reason, absolutely convinced of Jessica’s innocence and so he personally bails her out of jail, and lets her sleep at his apartment, while he tries to track down Julie to prove she committed the crime.

It’s not the tightest of plots, and frankly, there are a lot of illogical turns in it. It almost seems like just an excuse to switch to different scenes of Monique acting in different personalities as Jessica and Julie.

Hell, this is a MAJOR spoiler, but I’m going to give it away anyway because if you do watch this movie, you’ll probably be able to figure it out the first time that “Julie” appears in the film: it turns out that Jessica killed Julie years earlier and has been impersonating her ever since. It’s unclear if she has a legitimate split-personality and actually thinks she’s Julie when she dresses like her or if it’s just a ruse, but it doesn’t really matter. In the end, we do at least get a few decent sex scenes.

Monique has 3 sex scenes. The film opens with her in bed having sex with some man (the character wasn’t named, so I don’t know who the actor is), and that’s a hot one. She has a sex scene with David Christensen, who plays an artist named Costas (it was one of his paintings that “Julie” stole), but it’s filmed in red light, so it’s kinda hard to see. And she has a sex scene with Johnson. At least it starts off with her and him, but then halfway through the sex Gabriella Hall takes her place.

That’s right, the amazing Gabriella is also in this, although she only has one other brief sex scene, and it’s not really sex. It’s her in the shower, and the camera does a good job of lingering on her wet voluptuous nude body. Then a man joins her in the shower and embraces her, but the scene stops soon after. Roberta Davis stars as Leanna, the woman who owns the modeling agency that “Julie” stole from, and she has two sex scenes, one with Paul Savage who plays her assistant Drake, which is a hot scene, and one with Christensen, but that scene is also filmed in red light.

So, story-wise, it’s not very compelling, and it’s not as erotic as it could have been. I recommend this for devoted fans of Monique, just to complete your collection, but basically, it’s just average.

Chacebook rating: THREE STARS.

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