Who Killed Buddy Blue?


Written by R.M. Johnson and directed by Jennifer Marchese, this 1995 film revolves around the murder of Buddy Blue (played by Brian Heidik, who won Survivor: Thailand in 2004) plays a porn star named Buddy Blue. During the filming of an orgy for a porn film someone sticks him in the neck with a needle which contains poison and he drops dead immediately. Despite being on film, it is unable to see exactly whom stock him (because there were so many naked bodies around at the time), but at least the list of suspects is pretty narrow. Anthony Addabbo as Matt Monroe, the police detective assigned to investigate the murder. He’s got a bit of a troubled past (because drama) in that sometime ago his wife left him for his ex-partner. Although divorced he still wears his wedding ring.

Matt interviews all of the porn stars who were in the film, where he learns that while Buddy was one of the most popular male porn stars in the business, due to his very large penis, most of his costars didn’t like him as a person, due to his very large ego. Basically he was an asshole. This means that all of his costars are potential suspects with a reason to want him dead. The film progresses with Matt meeting and questioning several porn stars, and through flashbacks we see more of Buddy’s life. Kimber Sissons costars as Madison Ivy, one of the biggest female porn stars in the business and Matt’s #1 suspect originally because she’s the one Buddy was having sex with during the filming of the origin. She swears her innocence but things get complicated when she seduces Matt and he finds himself falling for her, which threatens his entire investigation.

If this film were made today, especially if it was by a director like Jim Wynorski or Dean McKendrick, it would be filled with real-life porn stars and basically be one sex scene after another with minimal dialog in-between, until the killer is revealed in some contrived ending almost as an after-thought. But this was back during the period where softcore films still took themselves seriously and had big budgets, and therefor tried to follow an actual storyline (albeit a rather simple one). There are several short sex scenes, including the opening orgy scene, but they’re there to progress the story. The only full sex scenes are three with Addabbo and Sissions, which are all very hot, those two have great chemistry together, and then one between Scott Atkinson, who plays Matt’s new partner Eric, and Beth Tegarden, who plays Eric’s wife Amanda. Kevin Spirtas and Tane McClure play a couple of porn stars and have a brief scene together in a kitchen, but that gets interrupted and there’s another scene in a hot tub with Heidik and Leigh Betchley, who plays another porn star, which is also interrupted. Jacqueline Lovell makes a brief appearance in the film, just walking around fully nude.

The cast are all good in their roles, especially Addabbo and Sissions, for whom the majority of the story falls on their shoulders. Sissions particular stands out as she plays the role of seductress who leaves Addabbo’s character, and the audience, wondering if she’s innocent or not through most of the film. Heidik is also very believable in his role as an a-hole. I would have liked a bigger role in the film for McClure, and actress of her caliber almost seemed wasted here. But overall it is a decent film, with a suspenseful ending.

Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

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  1. Where did you buy this movie? I would like to buy it but ioffer is now permanently closed. Do you know any other sellers besides Tiga? I used to buy from videolust84 in ioffer but lost contact. Thanks!


    • Hello Dan!

      I don’t know how I never saw this comment until just now, I’m sorry for the delayed response!

      At the time that I reviewed this film in 2014 I had it recorded from cable on an old VHS tape.

      If you’re still looking for the DVD, currently Amazon has the unrated DVD for sale, but it’s kind of expensive at $48.99 and it’s a region 2 DVD, so you’d need to have a region-free DVD player (like I do) to be able to play it.

      I also found this site that is selling a DVD-R for just $12. But I’ve never bought from them before, so I can’t vouch for them:


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