SIN CITY DIARIES episode 2: Chorus Dreams


Written by Sandy Travis and directed by John Quinn, this episode stars Shannon Hawkins as Kara, a single mom who goes to Las Vegas to have a “girl’s weekend” with her friend Sam. Unfortunately, as she’s driving to Vegas (from L.A.) she gets a call from Sam who informs her that she’ll be arriving a day later than planned, and this bums Kara out as she was looking forward to her time away from her kids and job to have some fun. Sam implores the over-worked and reserved Kara to not sit around watching TV in her hotel room by herself, but Kara doesn’t know what to do in Vegas alone. When Kara arrives at her hotel, she complains to the bellman about her dilema, and he gives her Angelica’s card and tell her to give Angelica a call as she’ll be able to help her find something to occupy her time until Sam arrives.

For the record, Sam is played by one of my all-time favorite softcore actresses, Erika Jordan. This is an early softcore role of hers that I’d never seen before, as I didn’t “discover” Erika until I saw her in Dirty Blondes From Beyond in 2013. So watching this episode was a special treat for me, as I get to see Erika in a sex scene that’s “new” for me.

Kara meets with Angelica, Matthew and Sasha (Amber Smith, Justin Lopez and Elena Talan) and mentions her past history as a dancer. Angelica knows of a showgirl who’s had to leave town for an emergency and convinces Kara to try out as her replacement to perform that on stage that night. Kara reluctantly agrees and ends up getting the job and having a good time performing. Along the way she ends up having spontaneous sexual encounters with a showgirl named Ashley (Sandy Wasko) and one of the producers of the show, a man named Nick (Damian T. Raven).

We get four sex scenes in this episode. One between Erika Jordan and Frankie Cullen, who plays an unnamed man (he’s just credited as “Sam’s Hunk”) that Sam is hooking up with. Those two have worked together several times since, and they’re always a pleasure to watch. There’s a lesbian scene between Shannon and and Sandy, then a scene where Shannon and Damien have sex in public, and finally a threesome between Shannon, Sandy, and Damien. The later of which is the highlight of the episode.

I’ll also note that Shannon Hawkins and Damian T. Raven are both Black, which is significant to me as we didn’t often get Black actors in leading roles in softcore productions like this, so I was pleasantly surprised by that. Although if I have to add a minor complaint it would be that Shannon is not the greatest actress, at least when it comes to dialog. Her speech often sounds like she’s reading from cue-cards, there’s no emotion in her tone. At least she looks convincing in her sex scenes, though. IMDB has this listed as her one and only acting credit, so she may have been new to this, although it’s also possible that she’s done more worked under a different name.

Still, for an early Erika Jordan scene and a hot interracial threesome, this episode earns a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS


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