Hotel Erotica Cabo episode 2: Mighty Mike Returns

Kimberly Fisher

Written by D.B. Brooks and directed by Gary Dean Orona, this episode guest stars Mark Weiler as Bernie, a famous comic-book creator. He draws and writes a series about a superhero called Mighty Mike, who has multiple powers and only one weakness, which is that he’s afraid to talk to woman. This is based on Bernie himself, who, despite his success, has always been afraid to talk to women.

Bernie is staying at the hotel trying to relax and get some inspiration, as he’s been suffering from writers block as he tries to write his next issue. Beverly Lynne and Frankie Cullen guest-star as Terry and Mannie, two personal trainers who work in the gym at the hotel. They’re also in a relationship although, unbeknownst to Terry, Mannie doesn’t hesistate to sleep with other women when he can. Serrano Rios plays Tony, who works as a waiter at the hotel, he recognizes Bernie and is a big fan of Mighty Mike. He suggets that Bernie book a training session with Mannie while he’s there, so Bernie takes him up on that, but since Mannie is busy at the time (banging another woman), Mannie sends Terry to train Bernie. This of course is awkward because of Bernies fear around women, but Terry takes the challenge to whoop him into shape.

Meanwhile, Corrine (Divini Rae) gets Tony to show Amanda (Kimberly Fisher) around, as Amanda is still getting used to working at the hotel and living in Cabo San Lucas. Sparks fly between Amanda and Tony, as well as between Terry and Bernie.

There’s some great talent on this episode, as Beverly Lynne and Frankie Cullen are two softcore veterans who always know what they’re doing. The chemistry between alll the various couples is off the charts, especially in the sex scenes, of which we get four. Beverly Lynne has sex scenes with Frankie Cullen and Mark Weiler. Frankie Cullen also has a sex sscene with Nikita Lea, who plays Cheryl, another personal trainer at the hotel. And there is a scene between Kimberly Fisher and Serrano Rios, but it’s a dream sequence. It’s left ambiguous in the end whether or not their characters actually hooked up on the show.

With the veteran cast and hot sex scenes, this was one of the better episodes of this series. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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