Tarot, Witch Of The Black Rose #124

Since this issue has the “Alternative Paths” banner on the cover I was expecting it to be another alternate history out-of-continuity tale, similar to the past two issues, just this time featuring Boo Cat, rather than Raven Hex. Instead, it’s simply a solo story starring Boo Cat, with none of the other characters in this series appearing.

Boo Cat has booked herself on a singles vacation, she’s flying to an island retreat called Lava Lagoon, which is supposed to be like the real life Hedonism resort in Jamaica, where people go to basically let go of their inhibitions and have a wild time, preferably with lots of sex. Boo Cat arrives in her human form during the day and takes in all the sights. Being bisexual she’s equally aroused by all the men and women walking around in swimsuits and various stages of undress. But being tired after her long trip she falls asleep while floating on a rubber raft in a pool, and when she wakes up a few hours later that evening, now in her were-cat form, she finds herself the sole living survivor, as the rest of the guests have been slaughtered with blood and guts and body parts scattered around everywhere. She discovers the cause of this massacre is a female were-jaguar, who now stalks Boo-Cat, intending to kill her too.

And that’s the basic premise of this issue. The majority of it is a long fight scene, or more like a chase-scene, as BooCat tries to evade the clutches (and claws) of the evil she-beast, and find some way to escape to safety, although there’s no way off the island until the plane returns.

It’s an okay issue. Heavy on the gore, although surprisingly light on female nudity, not counting Boo-Cat herself. I guess writer/artist Jim Balent wanted to try something a little different this issue. The story is not without its flaws though, like how did Boo Cat sleep through the mass slaughter of everyone on the island, and why didn’t the were-jaguar attack her while she was sleeping and still in her human form? And while I won’t spoil the ending, I wasn’t entirely sure if this story was over or if it’s continuing in the next issue (which is advertised as “Boo’s next adventure”). This story is a fine change of pace for now, but I’ll be happy when the series gets back to focusing on Tarot and her adventures.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


Cosplayer Delilah Lilac

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  1. Hey…your name sounds familiar.

    I don’t accept freebies for review, but I take recommendations. Post a link of where I can order it, if looks interesting I will buy it and then give it a Fair and Balanced review. I’m actually looking for more erotic comics.


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