Love and Capes #6

When Amazonia picks Abby’s bookstore as the place to hold her book signing, what could go wrong? Well… Tensions flare as Abby discovers that the book is more than a little revealing about Amazonia’s past relationship with the Crusader (Mark’s superhero persona). As she reads more and more about their Super-relationship, will it prove a fatal blow to her own relationship with Mark?

So as the promo solicitation says, Amazonia has written a tell-all autobiography, and she’s holding a book-signing at Abby’s store. Although Abby still doesn’t like Amazonia, she can’t resist all the publicity and customers that the signing is sure to bring. The running plot of the story is that Abby reads the book and discovers that it gives a lot of details about her and Mark’s relationship. Throughout the issue we see in flashbacks how The Crusader and Amazonia first met, how they began teaming up as superheroes, and then started dating, and then finally how The Crusader broke up with her after she asked him to move in with her. She thinks this was because of Mark’s fear of commitment, which causes Abby to have some doubts about her future with Mark, until he reveals the real reason why he broke up with Amazonia, and then gets ready to make a pretty big commitment to Abby…

This ends the first volume of this series, and it’s probably the best issue, so far. Zahler’s knack for writing good, natural-sounding dialog shines through here, each of the cast, not only Mark and Abby, but Charlotte, Amazonia, and and Darkblade, come off as fully-realize three-dimensional characters. The relationship-drama in this books is standard, but doesn’t feel cliche. And I love the cartoon-ish art-style. I could totally see this series as a live-action sitcom, or a big-budget film. If you haven’t read this series yet, now is the time to jump on!

Chacebook raiting: 5 STARS


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