Jesse Johnson’s Revue


Jesse Johnson was an original member and the lead guitarist in the R&B band The Time, playing on their first 3 albums and appearing in film Purple Rain. In 1985 he went solo, releasing his first solo album on A&M Records. Consisting of just 8 songs (short albums like that were pretty standard for the time), which Johnson wrote himself, he proved to be a quite capable artist on his own. the album opens with his first single BE YOUR MAN

Admittedly, the look, the sound, the performance, it all has a very “Prince” vibe, which is somewhat understandable considering his background. But the song is very catchy with a funky melody. Likewise with his follow-up single CAN YOU HELP ME, which I like even more.

Johnson keeps the R&B/Funk vibe going with the uptempo tracks SHE WON’T LET GO, JUST TOO MUCH, LET’S HAVE SOME FUN, and SHE’S A DOLL, all of which cool tracks that can move a crowd and get you on the dancefloor. But he shows his versatility with two slow jams, including SPECIAL LOVE and the hit single I WANT MY GIRL, which he sings with such sincerity in his voice, you can feel the longing that he expresses.

This is a great collection of tracks. Okay, it may sound a tiny bit dated listening to it now, it’s clearly early 80’s, but it still rocks. I enjoy it. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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