This 2010 film was written and directed by Fred Olen Ray, under his frequent pen-name, Nicholas Medina. The opening credits say “Based on the classic novel by Mary Shelley”, and IMDB lists Mary Shelley as co-writer, but the connections to that horror classic are extremely superficial.

Frankie Cullen stars as Victor Frankenstein. And as the film opens, he’s a science professor at “State University.” This particular day, all but one of his students, a lovely young lady named Debbie (Alexis Texas), has ditched the class. The only reason Debbie stayed is because she’s hot for teacher. So, barely 4 minutes into the film, Frankenstein and Alexis are banging away on his desk in the classroom. And I must say that this was a particularly realistic-looking scene. The way Alexis moans throughout, while Cullen gets his finger and face extremely close to certain areas of her body, I’d almost guess that they were really have sex.

About halfway into the scene, Frankenstein’s rival professor, Clive (Billy Chappell, aka Tony Marino), walks in on them and watches for a couple of minutes, before sneaking out, unseen. He runs to the University Dean, prof. Van Sloan (Ted Newsome) and brings him back to Frankenstein’s class, where they catch Frankenstein and Debbie just as they finish having sex. Van Sloan is outraged, especially because it turns out that Debbie is his daughter (oops!), and Frankenstein is fired.

The movie picks up 5 years later, back in Frankenstein’s native Transylvania, where he lives in a big castle. It’s a dark and stormy night, and we see him having sex with his assistant Ingrid (Brandin Rackley), and a slower and more romantic sex scene. Afterward, as they’re sleeping, Frankenstein wakes up when he hears the lightning outside. He and Ingrid rush down to his lab, where he’s got a recently dead corpse of a beautiful woman that he calls Eve (played by Jayden Cole). He tries reviving Eve by harnessing the lightning, but it doesn’t appear to work. Frankenstein goes back to his office to go over his notes, leaving Ingrid to cover up the body. But once he leaves, Eva awakens, and starts kissing Ingrid, so they end up having sex in the lab.

Afterward, Ingrid shows Frankenstein that Eve is alive. He’s excited and makes plans for them all to fly back to America so he can show his old colleagues that his experiment worked. But first, Ingrid takes Eva to get cleaned up, and they have a hot lesbian shower scene.

Back in America, we’re at Clive’s house, where he’s gathered Van Sloan, another scientist named Dr. Waldmen (Rob Ford) and his girlfriend Claudia (Christine Nguyen), waiting to meet with Frankenstein. When they arrive, Frankenstein introduces Eve as Ingrid’s sister. His plan to surprise them, by having them get to know Eva as a regular woman before he shows proof that he revived her from the dead. At one point, Frankenstein says he has to go back to his motel to get something, but leaves Ingrid and Eve as Clive’s house, until he gets back. Clive, who is desperate to find out what Frankenstein is up to, convinces Claudia to go with Frankenstein. And when they leave, he takes Eve to show her around his house, leading to his home office, where Eva comes on to him and they have sex on his desk. And back at the motel, after some small talk, Frankenstein and Claudia have sex on the bed.

Back at Clive’s house, Frankenstein announces the truth of Eve’s status to the skeptical guests. His only proof is a copy of Eve’s death certificate. But Frankenstein is willing to let the other scientist examine her, to prove his case. Ingrid takes Eve in the bedroom to get her undressed for the exam, and Claudia follows. That very quickly turns into a hot lesbian threeway. Halfway through, the men go into the bedroom to see what’s taking so long, and stand in the doorway and watch as the three ladies have sex. At the end, as she’s climaxing, Eve starts crackling with electricity, then explodes completely, in a puff of smoke.

At that point, Frankenstein announces that he’ll simply recreate his experiment, by going to the morgue and getting the body of a recently deceased stripper and reviving her. THE END.

It’s a shame this wasn’t a full-on softcore spoof of the original Frankenstein, complete with the big green monster, maybe even The Bride, because that could have been fun. As it stands, this was a pretty by-the-numbers softcore flick that Ray/Medina has become known for. It’s saving grace is the female cast. In addition to Texas’ opening scene, Rackley, Cole, and Nguyen (who is one of my personal favorite softcore actresses) all look smokin’ hot, and melt the screen during their sex scenes. I am surprised that they didn’t include a scene with Cullen and Cole back at the castle, instead of putting Cole in a 2nd lesbian scene with Rackley, or least making it a threesome with Cullen.

Chacebook rating: THREE AND A HALF STARS


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