This is the latest “science fiction” softcore film from writer/director Dean McKendrick. It’s actually credited as “Based on the classic tale by Jules Verne”, though I have no idea what tale they’re referring to.

Anna Morna stars as Lolita, an alien from another planet. She’s some kind of student, but her professor, Zarrn (played by Nick Manning), tells her that she’s failing. Her last chance to graduate is to go to Earth and study human sexuality, and then come back with a report. So she’s teleported to Earth, to a college campus. We immediately meet students Sarah (Christine Nguyen) and Brandy (Karlie Montana), who are excited to be beginning their Senior year, and Joe (Seth Gamble), who is repeating his Senior year for the 3rd time. The three of them are also roommates. Lolita walks into their class, and introduces herself as a new student with nowhere to stay. So Joe invites her to move in with them, since their other roommate just graduated. So after class they take her back to their place, which is a large mansion. Then Sarah and Brandy go off to work, and Joe invites Lolita to go lay out by the pool, and very soon Joe makes his move and they are banging in the pool.

Then we see Brandy at her job as a Candy Striper at a local hospital, where her patient, Mr. Reynolds (played by Alec Knight) flirts with her to no avail. Back at the house, Joe goes off to work, while asking Lolita not to tell the other girls what happened between them. Then Lolita teleports back to her planet to give a progress report to Professor Zarren, and tell him about having sex with Joe. Apparently sex is something unknown to their species, so when Zarren asks about it, she offers to just show him, and the two of them have sex in Zarren’s lab.

Afterward, Zarren is very happy with Lolita’s first report, so he sends her back to Earth to learn more about sex, telling her to not only participate but to observe the natives in action. So, back on Earth, we get a glimpse of Joe and Sarah at their job, they both work at a bar where she’s a waitress and he’s a bartender, and see Sarah’s boyfriend Greg (Chad White), who is complaining to Joe about being broke. He hasn’t told Sarah that he lost his job (because he banged the boss’ daughter) and is worried that she won’t date him if he can’t afford to buy her nice things. Then back at Brandy’s job, she’s gotten Lolita a job working with her. And Lolita encourages Brandy to go ahead and have sex with Mr. Reynolds, and guards the door to the room to make sure that they don’t caught, and uses some kind of telepathy to “watch” them.

That night, back at the bar, Joe gives Lolita alcohol for the first time, and she loves it. Meanwhile Sarah breaks up with Greg when he cancels dinner, and then Joe introduces him to Lolita. She’s already gotten a little drunk, and immediately tells Greg that she’s an alien, and proves it by showing off a special power she has. Greg is excited, and so they leave to go back to his place and have sex. Afterward he asks her about her alien mental powers, and asks if she’ll try to convince Sarah that she’s still in love with him.

The next morning Lolita meets Sarah, laying out by the pool at their house. Lolita is recovering from her first hangover. They talk about Greg, and Lolita tries to use her telepathy on Sarah, but it’s not working. Meanwhile, Joe is in the house staring at the two ladies in their bikinis. Brandy comes into the room and, despite their agreement that roommates shouldn’t hook up, she starts coming on to him and they have sex on the couch.

Greg meets Lolita back at the club, where she tells him she had no luck with Sarah. So Greg gives her some more alcohol to get her tipsy, then tricks her into using her powers to still some money from the cash register and give it to him. He uses it to buy Sarah an expensive necklace, which she loves. And then they have sex back at her place.

Lolita teleports back to her planet for another meeting with Zarren. He’s been monitoring her progress from space, but isn’t happy with the fact that she told Greg she was an alien, which was against the rules, plus stealing the money. He demands that she go back and make things right. So Lolita teleports back to Earth and confesses to everyone, and gets the necklace and the money back. But before she leaves Earth for good, she and Sarah have sex, which is awesome.

Okay, the story is rather silly, but this film makes up for it with it’s hot sex scenes. I think it helps that most of this cast, men and women, are also hardcore adult film stars. So they know how to make the sex scenes look as realistic as possible. Christine Nguyen, of course, is NOT a hardcore film star, but she is a longtime veteran of softcore films (and one of my personal favorites), so she is always good. And her two scenes alone are practically worth watching this film for. But Karlie Montana and Anna Morna (who is also known as Anastasia Morna) also impress me here. I was unfamiliar with them before this film, but I hope this is just the beginning of their softcore careers. This gets a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS

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  1. I am not aware of any Jules Verne novel about aliens coming to Earth. maybe it is a reference to “Alien from LA”, which is loosely based on “Journey To the Center of the Earth”.

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