I picked up this film on a DVD double-feature, which includes the film Undercover Sex, which I reviewed yesterday. This 2002 film is written by Steve Martel and directed by Woquini Adams.

The logic behind this film is a bit confusing. Nicole Sheridan stars as Camille Taylor, she’s an ex-prostitute who married a rich man named Lane, played by Craig Stepp, who doesn’t know that she used to be a prostitute. Now Camille is planning to write a book about prostitutes, and is planning to base it on her old career and interview the women she used to work with. Except she’s still hiding the fact that she was a prostitute. But Lane knows she’s working on this book. It doesn’t make that much sense to me. Plus, we learn that several of the men who frequented the brothel know that she is working on this book and they are nervous because they think that she’ll expose them.

As for the brothel, it’s run by Valerie, played by Tina Tyler, who also works there as a prostitute herself. And there only seems to be two other women working at this brothel, Cyndi (Wendy Rice) and Tess (Kaylynn), and only two regular clients, David (Alex Ferro) and William (Dino Bravo). So after an opening scene where Camille and Lane have sex, Camille goes to the brothel and talks to Valerie, who warns her against writing the book. Then Valerie has an appointment with David and she invites Camille to join them, which she does. So we get a hot threesome with Valeria, Camille, and David, but it doesn’t make sense that Camille is still doing this because, as it was established, she quit being a prostitute when she got married and doesn’t want her husband to know. After the sex, David warns Camille against writing the book. The film is supposed to be making a big deal out of the fact that writing this book could be dangerous for Camille because of the powerful men who don’t want to be exposed, but Camille is also risking exposing herself, too.

Later, we see Cyndi and William having sex, acting out a roleplay fantasy where she is a police officer who arrests him and then “forces” him to have sex with her. Camille secretly watches them and masturbates. Afterwards, William also complains to Cyndi about Camille’s book, he doesn’t want her to write it either. Then, while taking a shower at home, someone sneaks in and kills Camille. Lane is questioned by the police, although he denies it. So Lane’s lawyer hires a private detective named Malena, played by Amy Lindsay, to investigate. Malena finds out about Camille’s past and ends up going undercover as a prostitute at the brothel to try to find out more, with David and William being her main suspects for the murder of Camille.

I can’t say too much more without spoiling the “plot,” such as it is. Regarding sex I can tell you that there is a lesbian scene, as Valerie and Cyndi were having sex when Valerie gets the phone call about Camille getting killed. Plus Malena has two sex scenes, one with Brad Bartram and one with the legendary Randy Spears, both who play police detectives that she had relationships with in the past. There are three other sex scenes, Kaylynn gets a couple as we see her character in action, plus another scene with Tina Tyler, but saying with who might give too much away, so I won’t say, in case you want to see it for yourself.

Not that I particularly recommend it. The acting is decent, and the sex scenes are well-shot, but the story is a bit of mess and mostly forgettable. I wouldn’t recommend it on it’s own, but since it comes on a double-DVD along with the much-better Undercover Sex, just consider it a bonus. Diary of Seduction gets a Chacebook rating of 3 STARS


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