I picked up this double-feature DVD recently. I’d seen both films years ago on cable, and was glad to have the chance to get them both on this on DVD and give them another view. I’ll start with the first film, Undercover Sex, and review the other one tomorrow.

This 2003 film was written by Samm Croft and directed by Carter St. George. It’s an erotic police thriller about a man who sleeps with and kills female escorts. There’s no mystery here as, like the TV show Law & Order: Criminal Intent, we’re shown the killer right in the beginning. Then the rest of the film is watching how the police try to catch him. In the opening scene we see a man named David (Tom Fry), taking a woman named Lily (played by Angelica Costello aka Venus) into an almost empty house, which he claims is his. She strips for him, and then they get into bed and have sex. Halfway through it she allows him to tie her hands to the bedpost, and then they have continue having sex. Suddenly he stops and gets off her and starts coughing like he’s sick, and almost throws up. Then he strangles her to death.

Softcore film legend Beverly Lynn Meadows plays Lanie, a police officer who has just been fired for an unjustified shooting. Glen Meadows plays her boyfriend, Ed, a police detective, who believes in her innocence and tried to fight to save her job to no avail. So while Lanie sits at home, looking for a new job, Ed and his new partner Carlos (Peter Ronin) are sent to investigate Lily’s murder. The house she is found in is actually not owned by anyone, and is for sale. They point out that an unidentified woman had been killed in a similar manner recently and believe that the two murders may be connected. They find out that Lily and the previous woman were both working as strippers at a local club and had previously been covergirls of an erotic nude magazine. Ed and Carlos go to their Captain with the idea of getting a female officer to work undercover at the strip club in hopes of drawing out the killer, but he won’t allow it because police officers aren’t allowed to get naked at work. When Lanie hears about this she convinces Ed to let her do it, since she’s not technically a police officer anymore, she can take the job without breaking any rules. Ed reluctantly agrees and they convince the Captain to go along with the plan. So they get the owner of the nude magazine to agree to put Lanie in it and on the cover, and then she uses the cover to get hired as a stripper at the club, going by the name, Julie.

Ananda St. James and Maya Divine (under the name Wendy Divine) play Misha and Tawny, two other magazine covergirls who also work at the strip club and help show Lanie the ropes. Eventually Misha, who is also an escort gets hired by a man who turns out to be David. He take her to another large and mostly empty house, which he says is his, and they go up to a bedroom and have sex. This time, David allows Misha to tie his hands to the bedposts while she gets on top of him. Afterwards she unties him, and that’s when he pulls out a red scarf and strangles her to death. When her body is discovered and Ed and Carlos are called in, they once again find out that the house is a place that’s up for sale. And now the press is aware of the three murders and the police are getting more pressure to solve the crimes. And then we see that David, who is a regular at the strip club, has set his sites on Lanie…

I won’t reveal any more of the plot, for fear of spoiling it. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself. It’s an ambitious film, that takes itself seriously. And the cast do a good job in the acting department. In fact, if you cut out the nudity this could easily be a standard Lifetime Channel movie of the week.

But I’m glad that they didn’t cut out the nudity. ^_^

All of the ladies get ample opportunities to show off their assets, and their stripping skills. In addition to the scenes that Tom Fry has with Costello and then St. James, there are also three sex scenes between Beverly Lynne and Glen Meadows. Those two have great chemistry together onscreen (& off screen, as they got married 3 years after this film and are still together). Beverly Lynne also has a lesbian seen with Maya, who also had an earlier lesbian scene with Ananda. Each scene is shot very well and erotically.

Undercover Sex gets a Chacebook rating of: 4 STARS


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