I saw this film for the first time tonight (or I should say last night, by the time this review is finished and posted). It’s one of the most recent films from MRG Entertainment/Mainline Releasing. And since, for whatever reason, they don’t tend to release their films on DVD or for digital download, I had to catch it live on TV (I don’t have TiVo or anything like that, which is why I usually wait for softcore films to come out on DVD to watch and then review) and take notes. Even the IMDB page for this film doesn’t have much info, like the names of the character’s the cast are playing.

This review will contain some spoilers, but I won’t tell everything.

First, I will say that like most MRG product, this film seems to be a little more geared towards couples, and puts more of an emphasis on acting, than similar softcore fare from studios like Retromedia. The films are longer (this one clocks in at around an hour and 35 minutes), and the sex scenes (of which there are 8 in total) are more “romantic.” Meaning they’re usually a little slower, with soft music playing (but not so loud that we can’t hear the actors moaning) and the actors do a lot of kissing during their sex scenes, no matter what positions they’re in, or how often they switch to new positions, they still take time to kiss. Plus they’re a little longer, lasting on average 6-10 minutes.

Frankly, considering how realistic the sex scenes in this film look, and that all of the main cast are also hardcore adult film stars, I had to double-check to make sure this wasn’t an actual X-rated film that was simply edited to cut it down to a softcore version, like Heart Strings aka “Lust On The Prairie” was. But, apparently not. This is just a softcore film.

Written by Denise Monroe and directed by Seth Kieffer, Wicked Deeds stars Anna Morna and Chad White as Kira and Rob Walters, a seemingly blissfully happy couple. They live alone in a large mansion with a pool in the back. She doesn’t work, and it’s not clear to me what Roy does for a living. But the film begins the night before Rob is set to go off on a brief business trip, which involves going to Mexico to go into some mountains or something. But let’s face it, that’s not important. So that night the two of them make love in their bedroom (Sex Scene #1). Afterward, as they lay in the afterglow, they have a brief conversation where Kira talks about feeling a little nervous being in that large house all by herself while Rob is away, and says she wants to get a gun for protection, but Rob says it’s too dangerous to have one in the house. And he says she should call his sister to come stay with her while he’s away. As he gets up and leave, we see Kira look in a drawer where she has gun hidden away (SNEAKY!).

Ryan McLane stars as Derrick, a handyman who comes over the next morning, saying he was hired by Roy to fix their home spa and their garbage disposal. So Kira lets him get to work. Then she gets a phone call where a mysterious voices warns her to to tell her husband to stay away Mexica or he’ll be in danger. Kira tries to call Rob, but just gets his voicemail. Chanel Preston plays Rob’s sister Rose. She comes by and chats with Kira for a bit. Then Kira goes to try and call Roy again, and when she comes back, she finds Rose and Derrick having hot sex in the kitchen (Sex Scene #2). Kira leave to let them have their privacy, but later when she mentions it to Rose, Rose denies having sex with Derrick, and says Kira must be seeing things…

Derrick tells Kira he’ll need to get some special part he needs to fix the spa, so he’ll have to come back tomorrow to finish it. And that night, while laying in her bed, Kira has a dream where she relives the moment when she first met Derrick out by her pool, but this time the two of them have sex on pool chair outside (Sex Scene #3). The next morning, Kira meets Rose out by the pool. Kira says she’ll still having no luck getting through to Roy on the phone. Rose tells Kira that she’s invited their friend Tracy to come join them so they three of them can hang out. Kira goes back in to change to a bikini so she can join the ladies, but looks back outside she see that Tracy (played by Silvia Saige) has suddenly arrive and watches as she and Rose have hot lesbian sex on a pool-chair (Sex Scene #4). This time, Kira pulls out her phone to take some pictures of them.

Then Billy Chappell (aka Tony Marino) shows up, his character’s name is never mentioned, telling Kira that he’s the handyman that Roy hired to come over and fix the spa. Kira tells him no, she already has a handyman, and tells him to leave. And he’s pissed about wasting his time going out there, but he does leave. Kira then goes to join Rose by the pool, and she asks where Tracy went, but Kira tells her that Tracy hasn’t shown up yet. Of course, that confuses Kira, who says she saw her and Tracy together, which Rose denies. So Kira gets her phone to show her the pictures she took, but there are no pictures on her phone…

Tracy shows up, acting like she just got there, and Kira is feeling strange, so she goes to her living room to take a nap on her couch. Soon after, Roy wakes her up. She’s shocked to see him, but he starts kissing her and they have sex on the couch (Sex Scene #5). Afterward, Kira wakes up in bedroom, and goes downstairs where Rose hands her the phone, telling her it’s Roy. He tells Kira that he’s been in Mexico since the day before, but reception is bad out there, which is why he hasn’t been able to call her until then. Of course, Kira is saying that he was just there at home, but Roy says she must have been dreaming, but Kira insists that it was real.

Rose is concerned, and calls in a doctor (played by Robert Baldwin) to come check Kira out. He gives Kira some pills to relax her and tells her to try to get as much rest as possible. Rose and Tracy leave Kira alone in the living room where she again falls asleep on the couch. And this time, Derrick wakes her up. And, thinking it’s another dream, Kira has sex with him on the couch (Sex Scene #6). When Kira wakes up, it’s around 10pm, she goes into the kitchen to get a drink and is met by Derrick, who refers to the sex they had earlier. Kira insists that that didn’t really happen, it was a dream, but Derrick argues otherwise, and she grabs a kitchen knife and cuts him on his arm to keep him away from her. He leave. Then walks back out and finds Rose talking to Derrick, who acts like he hasn’t seen Kira since the day before, and who doesn’t have any cut on his arm.

Kira starts really freaking out, she kicks Derrick and Rose both out of the house, and then goes into the living room where she finds Tracy and the other handyman having sex on the couch (Sex Scene #7). Kira runs upstairs to her room. She’s crying and trying to call Roy on the phone again, but then she hears something in private bathroom, so she goes into to find Roy and Rose naked in the tub together, having sex (Sex Scene #8!). That’s right, INCEST!

And that’s where I’ll leave this recap. Believe it or not, that’s not even the biggest shock of this film. There’s a couple of more twists before this ends, but you’ll have to watch it yourself to be surprised.

So overall this is a pretty good film. The plot is decent enough to keep you watching it even if it didn’t have the softcore sex scenes. It does a good job of keeping us, the audience, guessing as to whether Kira is seeing things and going crazy or not. And, of course, I must give Anna Morna major credit for that. I first saw her in LOLITA FROM INTERSTELLAR SPACE a couple of years ago, and comparing her performance from then to now, I can see a huge improvement in her acting abilities. Likewise, Chanel Preston does a great job with her acting, I’ve been wanting to see her in more softcore films since I saw her in SEX TAPES. Ryan and Chad are also decent actors. Billy and Silvia have smaller roles here, I know Billy is good from the many films I’ve seen him in before. Silvia doesn’t have as much chance to showcase much acting skills, but she’s gorgeous and her sex scenes are smoking hot, so I’m not complaining.

And while all the sex scenes are hot, I do have a complaint about some of them. And that is that a few of them are shot in the dark. Like it’s at nighttime, with not much light shining in the room. In particular I’d say Anna’s last scene with Chad, in the living room, it was so dark I could barely see anything. And there were a couple of other scenes where it was lighter, but still darker than I would have liked. That’s a serious directing mistake on the part of Kieffer. And that’s the only thing which keeps me from being able to give this film a perfect 5. At best I can give this a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS, so it’s still highly recommended.

Check your cable listings for the next time you can catch WICKED DEEDS. And if anyone who works at Mainline Entertainment/MRG Entertainment is reading this: PLEASE RELEASE THIS FILM ON DVD!

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