This 2014 flick is from MRG Entertainment/Mainline Releasing, that I just got the chance to watch for the first time tonight, as it aired on Cinemax. Directed by Richard Baker (no writer is listed on IMDB, and if it was shown the credits, I missed it), it stars INDIA SUMMER as Bethany, with Kenneth Blake as her husband Frank. As the film opens they appear to be a happy couple, married for 6 years. They live in a very large house with a pool, which Frank likes to take a swim in every morning before work. Frank is a successful businessman and, in the opening scene, there is mention of Bethany having some job, which Frank isn’t even sure what she does. He mentions perhaps coming to see her at office someday, but she discourages him by saying her job isn’t important or exciting.

Well, after Franks leave for work we see Bethany go off to her job, which turns out to be quite exciting after all. It seems she a prostitute for a very high-class brothel, operating out of nice mansion. At this brother she goes by the name Dee Dee, and the other prostitutes who work there, two of whom we see are Daffney and Kara (played by Tasha Reign and Ash Hollywood) have no idea about Bethany’s real name or life. They do notice that unlike them she doesn’t really do this for the money or gifts that their wealthy clients tend to give them, she just likes the thrill of it. As we later learn, Bethany began does this a few years earlier when she felt like her sex life with Frank was floundering. So she joined the brothel for some excitement.  But trouble comes on day when a new client arrives, a man named Paul (played by  Jack Ketchmark), who it turns out is a business partner of Frank’s, that Bethany also knows.

Uh oh!

Paul becomes determined to have sex with Bethany, but she resists him, and so he threatens to tell Frank everything. Not wanting to be blackmailed, Bethany confesses herself to Frank, who at first reacts with anger. But then they have hate-sex. Afterward Frank tells her to get out , but she begs for another chance. Frank then tells her to go ahead and go back to work at the brothel, and he’ll meet her there. She’s surprised when he actually does show up at the brothel, and pays for a sex session with Daffney. Bethany gets jealous (although she no excuse to be) and voluntarily has sex with another client.

Does this makes Bethany and Frank “even” now? Can their marriage be saved?!? Tune in to find out!

Plot-wise it’s not the most original story, even for softcore films (a housewife secretly working as a prostitute was the plot for Secret Games 3 and Sex, Secrets, and Betrayals), but it delivers what fans of thsi genre watch this films for. This film is about an hour and half and contains 8 sex scenes. As I’ve noted in reviews of other MRG films, like Wicked Deeds, their films are geared more towards couples, and therefor the sex scenes are usually shot very “romantically,” with lots of deep passionate kissing between the actors, and slow soft music playing (compared to the fast-pumping and loud techn-music of typical Jim Wynorski or Fred Olen Ray softcore films). And the scenes we get here are all pretty darn hot. I’m sure the fact that all 3 leading ladies also have experience in hardcore adult films helps them make their scenes look as realistic as possible. In particular I have to single out India Summer for her performance here. Not only does she have to carry most of this film as the star, but she also has the most sex scenes, and in both areas she more than succeeds in her role. She has this move where, during the sex scenes, her eyes will start to roll to the back of her head, as if she’s having a major orgasm. It’s hot.

So India has a total of 6 and a half scenes. She has four scenes with Kenneth Blake. They do it in the shower, on a bed, on pool-bench, and on a couch. Of those four, the pool scene is the hottest on in my opinion. The scene on the bed was hurt by the fact that it too place at night with the lights out, so it was dark and therefor couldn’t see everything as well.

India also has a scene with Ash Hollywood, in what is supposed to be a threesome with Jack Ketchmark’s character, but he just watches while India and Ash’s character have sex with each other for about 4 minutes, and then he basically takes India’s place and has sex with Ash while India watches them and masturbates. Definitely some good lesbian action in that scenes.

And then India has a scene with the unnamed male client. I don’t know who that actor was, in the ending credits there is a Jacque Saint credited as “male client” but I don’t know if that’s him or another unnamed male who isn’t credited and has a scene with Tasha (not extra actor is credited, go figure). Anyway, the only problem with this scene is that it takes place while Frank and Daffney are also have sex, so the camera keeps switching back and forth between each couple in different rooms. So while both scenes are couple are having hot sex, the audience isn’t able to concentrate on either one at once. Personally, I found it a bit distracting.

And the other scene is the aforementioned one with Tasha Reign. They do something which is a little different, with some light bondage. She ties him to a bed and puts a blindfold on him, and then has sex with him. It’s hot.

Acting-wise, most of the cast are fine. As I said, India carry’s the majority of the film. Tasha and Ash also do fine jobs, although their roles don’t require as much acting outside of the sex scene. Ketchmark is suitably sleazy in his role. The only weak link, I have to say, is Kenneth Blake. He’s good in his sex scenes, but not much of an actor. I thought his reaction when Bethany tells him about the brothel wasn’t very believable.

Nevertheless, with an attractive cast and well-shot scenes, this film gets a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS


Check your cable listings for the next time you can catch WICKED DEEDS. And if anyone who works at Mainline Entertainment/MRG Entertainment is reading this: PLEASE RELEASE THIS FILM ON DVD!

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