This 2000 from MRG Entertainment was written by Samm Croft and directed by Dave Franks. It stars the amazing busty brunette bombshell Nikki Fritz as Maggie, a woman whose husband Matt (Alex Ferro) racks up $90,000 in debt to a mob boss named Carl (Daniel Anderson). After Carl’s goons break two of Matt’s fingers Matt goes into hiding. In order to save her husband, Maggie goes to see Carl who, unbeknownst to Matt, she used to date, and makes a deal with him. She reluctantly agrees to become his mistress for one week in exchange for the debt being paid off. As she spends the week with Carl in his huge mansion, she discovers that Carl’s assistant Lisa (played by Angela Davies aka Angela Nicholas) is actually an undercover policewoman, who is spying on Carl as he plans some major illegal deal. Lisa recruits Maggie to help her gain evidence against Carl, even though this increasingly puts Maggie in danger.

This film comes right in the middle era of softcore films. It’s in-between the erotic, and often violent, erotic thrillers of the 90’s and the cheaper pure exploitation movies of today. So this film strives to have an actual coherent plot, and the cast are required to act. Fritz, Anderson, and Nicholas in particular are all very convincing in their roles. Fritz shows a variety of emotions throughout the film, as she feels guilt over betraying her husband, fear at being discovered by Carl, and she’s seductive when she needs to be. Anderson plays Carl as both charming and threatening, while Nicholas is the serious professional. It’s a pretty good thriller just based on the storyline and cast.

Of course, it IS a softcore film, meaning that the real highlights are the sex scenes, of which this film has plenty. Nichols has one sex scene with Jon Briddell (aka John Riann) who plays a police detective that she works with. Jezebelle Bond and Wendy Rice play Sasha and Tori, two of Carl’s bodyguards/henchwomen whom he has a threesome scene with, and the ladies later have a lesbian scene together. Nikki Fritz has a whopping SIX sex scenes in this film. Two with Ferro, three with Anderson, and one with Jonathan Gray, who plays a man that Carl sends her to seduce to get some information from him. Every sex scene in this film is very seductively shot and enjoyable to watch. The hot scenes along with the compelling story make for one memorable film.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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