Angela Davies - Sex Tapes - 1 - 2_2
Angela Nicholas and Jason Sarcinelli in screencap from Sex Tapes

This 2012 films, written by Tina Hawthorne and directed by Eric Lacey, is from Mainline Releasing/MRG Entertainment. Like many of their other recent softcore films is has a limited cast, and a rather bare bones plotline, which is pretty much just an excuse to slap together several sex scenes.

It focuses on three couples: Sam (Jason Carcinelli) and his wife Lisa (Angela Nicholas aka Angela Davies), Brent (Dennis Harkins) and his wife Alexis (Charmane Star) and Tyler (Sean Juergens) and his live-in girlfriend Carrie (Chanel Preston). They are all friends and we learn that Sam and Lisa frequently host parties at their house, where all three couples get together and have sex. This particular detail is inconsistent the film as sometimes it’s implied that there is swapping involved, other times that it’s just the couples having sex with their own partners in front of each other, and then some couples having secret affairs.

The joining plot of this particular film is Sam has made a habit of filming the various parties, saving the sex on homemade DVD’s, which he and Lisa like to rewatch sometimes just for fun. But Lisa is nervous about someone else finding those tapes, although Sam is insistent that that won’t happen. The three couples then meet for a little dinner party at Tyler and Carrie’s house. Brent brings up that he’s just become a partner at his law firm, so now he’s more concerned about the existence of those sex tapes (or sex DVD’s, to be accurate) and doesn’t like the risk if they come out somehow. So Sam agrees to destroy the tapes when he gets home. The problems is, when he and Lisa get back to their home, they find that someone has broken in and stolen the bag that Sam kept the DVD’s in.


Well, that’s the big mystery, which I won’t spoil for those of you who haven’t seen it. But now let’s talk about the real reason we watch these films: the sex scenes. There are 9 of them here.

Jason Carcinelli and Angela Nicholas have a sex scene outside by their pool (which is where the screencap above is taken from), it’s very hot. Carcinelli also has two sex scenes with Charmane Star, as their character are having a secret affair. It’s notable that both of their sex scenes take place in a house while the rest of the couples are in another room, with no one even noticing that their characters happen to be gone for so long. Nicholas has another sex scene with Sean Juergens, as Lisa decides to pay back Sam for cheating on her by having revenge sex with Tyler. And Juergens and Chanel Preston have two sex scenes together, and Preston also has a sex scene with Dennis Harkins.

The finale sex scene is a group thing. Taking place at one of the earlier parties we see all three couples at Sam and Lisa’s house, Brent and Alexis are naked in the pool watching as Sam and Lisa have sex on one seat next to the pool while Tyler and Carrie have sex on the other seat. All the scenes are shot very erotically, and looks very realistic. It’s helped by the fact that Preston and Star are adult film stars and Nicholas is a softcore veteran, so they’re all experts at making their sex scenes look good.

Again, the plot is kind of weak, but it makes up for it in eroticism, enough for me to give this a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS

Unfortunately, like most recent MRG/Mainline Entertainment films, it has not been released on DVD or for download, so you’ll have to check your cable listings for viewings.

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