LIFE ON TOP episode 24: Bad Luck Chuck

Brandin Rackley

Written by Joey Savage (based on the novel by Clara Darling) and directed by Jared West, this episode brings Brandin Rackley’s character Regina to the forefront. This is good because Rackley was always one of the best actresses in the series, and I’ve always enjoyed her in the other softcore productions I’ve seen her in, especially when she gets the chance to show her comedic side, which she does here.

Regina is on her third date with a man named Charlie (Jay Bradley) at a restaurant, and while there they meet a woman named Veronica (Aylin Cadir), whom Charlie introduces as his ex-girlfriend, and who tells them both that she just got engaged, and shows off her ring. Charlie has to step away to take a phone call, and Veronica tells Regina that she should consider herself lucky, because every woman that Charlie goes out with it ends up marrying the next guy she dates after him. This makes him a “good luck Chuck.”

This causes Regina to panic, as she has no interest in settling down and getting married (hence why the episode title is “Bad luck Chuck”). She meets up with Bella (Heather Vandeven), Doug (James O’Shea) and Melissa (Jayden Cole) to ask how she can avoid it. So they tell her the only way to avoid marrying the next guy after Charlie is to just stick with Charlie for now, so they give tips on how to keep a man like “don’t have sex with other men,” and “don’t leave right after sex, because some men actually like to cuddle,” which are things Regina isn’t used to. But she resolves to try.

So we see her and Charlie having hot sex. Then afterward as they’re laying next to each other in bed, she takes his arm and drapes it over her, so they can cuddle while sleeping, although this is clearly uncomfortable for her. The next day when he wakes up she tries to serve him breakfast in bed, but when he sees the burnt toast and runny eggs she serves him, he just tells her he has to leave. Despite her best efforts, Charlie ends up breaking it off with her. So now Regina doesn’t know what to do. Bella tells she needs to break the good luck Chuck “curse” by just making sure that the very next guy she hooks up with is someone she would absolutely never marry.

So next we see her out for drinks with Avi (Daniel Messier). And she makes it clear to him that she just wants sex. So they go back to her place and do it. But afterward, as they’re laying in bed, Avi drapes his arm over her and falls asleep, as Regina lays there saying “oh shit.” 

This was the best episode Regina had in this whole series. And I know it’s coming to an end soon, so the idea of Regina and Avi ending up together after all they’ve been through does make sense, in a twisted sort of way. As I said, Rackley is a good actress, and her two sex scenes were HOT.

Other storylines had Bella saying that she’s the “ring girl,” meaning every guy she dates wants to marry her, and as soon as she sees them with a ring in their hands, she leaves. Well, she goes to see Vincent (Danny Crawford) at his studio and he tells her he has a gift for her. Thinking it may be in an engagement ring she splits, and then spends the rest of the episode avoiding him. Until the end when he arrives at her apartment and just when she’s ready to turn him down, he reveals that the gift he has for her was a “ring flash,” a piece of camera equipment for her photography work. It’s a funny little plot, I guess, but it didn’t feel essential to the episode.

Doug realizes that he’s the typical “nice guy” who always gets dumped by girls. This seems to be confirmed for him when he tries to ask out Elizabeth (Justine Jolie) again, since they finally hooked up in the previous episode, but she turns him down and even gives him the “you’re a nice guy” speech. Ouch.

But then he meets Berlin (Ryan Keely) the famous model who was paid to appear at his club in episode 15. She shows up, telling Melissa that she just caught her boyfriend with her best friend, and when Melissa tries to get Doug to keep her company he’s purposely rude to her because he says he’s sick of being nice. This ends up making Berlin interested in him, and they have hot sex in the back room.

Melissa tries to cheer up Rick (Shane Scott), he’s the bartender at Club Embryo, He’d appeared in 4 episodes before this, but only had a few lines, this is the first time his character is really utilized. He just got dumped by his girlfriend, so he and Melissa go out for a walk in the park to talk about it. They hit it off and end up back at her place and have sex. But afterward he makes it clear to her that he hopes this won’t change their friendship at work but he’s not looking for anything new now because he just got out of his relationship. And then he leaves with Melissa lying there realizing that she’s “the rebound girl.”  

Overall this was one of the better episodes of the season. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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  1. This episode was development for all the cast, but it was clearly the focus for the main character, Brandin’s character Regina.

    Speaking of her character Regina, this is reflected even in the sex scenes. In the first sex scene, she likes the guy, but she doesn’t want to enjoy the sex! In the second sex scene, she doesn’t like the guy, but she wants to get into the loving!

    Both of them Brandin is liking “doing it” because she does moans and moves a lot! She doesn’t smile in either love scene, but she is probably having fun getting wet and wild because her face shows real(istic) reactions and focuses extremely hard/only on the guy.

    Anyway the characters’ relations are all dealt

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