Sinsations Naked Wives Unleashed

Monique Parent

This is a film from Mainline Releasing, and what’s most interesting about it is that it’s a rarity in softcore: a direct sequel to a previous film.

This is a sequel to Sinsations Deviant Divas, although don’t worry you don’t have to have seen that film in order to follow the story in this one. It’s likewise written by George Kaplan and I assume it’s also directed by Jimmy Sprinkles, although no director is listed in the credits (and, like the previous film, it’s not listed on IMDB).

Several cast members return, Evan Stone as Evan, the porn star and director, along with Syren as his girlfriend and the studio production manager Trish, Brad Bartram as the studio owner Manny, and Jacy Andrews and Michelle Maylene as porn stars Kimber and Marisa. Kevin Patrick does not return as Joey, and although his character is briefly mentioned there’s no explanation for where he is.

Joining the cast is Lisa Ann, Randy Spears, and McKenzie Lee as porn stars Lisa Ann, Randy, and McKenzie. And also softcore legend Monique Parent is in this film as Claudia. Claudia is Manny’s partner in the studio, and they have a relationship although it’s not clear if they’re married or just living together.

The film opens with a party at Manny and Claudia’s house, where the various actors are talking about a new film they’ll be shooting tomorrow. Claudia has been a silent partner in the studio up to now but has decided to take a more active role in the production of their films. This makes Evan nervous, he alludes to having some kind of history with Claudia before she got together with Manny and worries that with her involved now she may try to push him out. McKenzie tries to reassure Evan that with his successful record in films he has nothing to worry about, and the two of them sneak off into another room to have sex. But just as they finish, Trish opens the door and catches them and is pissed and screams at him (I guess she sees a difference between him having sex with other women on film and doing it in his personal life).

As the party is ending, Manny asks Randy if he would be interested in working as the cameraman for the film (since Joey’s not available, for some reason), which is something Randy had been talking about doing earlier, so he accepts.

The next day at the house where they’ll be shooting the film, Trish is in a very bad mood and is yelling at everyone for being late and not doing things the way she wants. Manny and Claudia ask her if she’s okay to work with Evan after what happened the night before, but she assures them she’s a professional and can do her job.

The first shoot is Evan with Lisa Ann. They finish the scene, but Evan complains about the way Randy shot some of the angles, although Manny and Claudia are happy with it, so they refuse when Evan demands they get rid of Randy. So, instead, Evan storms out, even though Manny goes after him to try to calm him down, to no avail. So Claudia asks Randy to take over as director for the rest of the film.

So, like the first film, the basic plot is showing the behind the scenes action of an adult movie. We see Randy directing various scenes, and another subplot involves Manny and Claudia having some conflicts over how to run the set. One thing they decide is that Marisa needs a new porn name, they tell her how she did a great job on her PR tour for the company (which she was sent on at the end of the previous film) and her “new attitude” is better  (she’s no longer arrogant and doesn’t feel any jealously towards Kimber or any other actresses), so they want to offer her a new contract and do some new promotion. For her new name, Marisa suggests…Michelle Maylene, which Manny and Claudia love.

The film ends with the completion of the movie, as Manny pays the talent, including Randy, to whom he makes an offer to be hired to direct more movies for them, as well as continue performing, just like Evan was doing, which Randy happily accepts. Trish congratulations him, and this leads to them having sex, implying that they’re going to be a couple now that she’s done with Evan. So all’s well that ends well?

This is another short film, even shorter than the previous one, at only an hour and five minutes. But again we get 8 full sex scenes.

Monique Parent has one scene with Brad Bartram.
McKenzie Lee has one scene with Evan Stone.
Syren has the aforementioned scene with Randy Spears.
There’s a three-way lesbian scene with Jacy Andrews, Lisa Ann, and Michelle Maylene.
Jacy has a one-on-one scene with Randy and she and Michelle each have one on one scenes with TJ Cummings (who plays a porn star named TJ).
And there is the scene I mentioned with Lisa Ann and Evan Stone.

Storywise, it’s pretty equal to the first film, but as far as the sex scenes go I’d say it’s a little better, with the more attractive ladies. Monique is, of course, always awesome, and Lisa Ann is one of my all-time favorite hardcore stars, and I wish she had done more softcore work, as she was already great when she did.

Chacebook rating; FOUR STARS

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