Sinsations Deviant Divas

Jacy Andrews

Written by George Kaplan, and directed by Jimmy Sprinkles, this 2006 film from Mainline Releasing boasts an impressive cast of softcore and hardcore talent. And that’s fitting as the plot of this film revolves around the making of a hardcore porn film.

Taking place mostly in a large house in the San Fernando Valley, Evan Stone stars as Evan, a porn star who also directs, and is the one shooting this film in addition to starring in it. Syren plays his girlfriend Trish, who is also the production manager of the film, Kevin Patrick is Joey the cameraman, and Brad Bartram is Manny, the executive producer who runs the film studio that is shooting this film. Also on the crew is Anna Mills as Leanne, a recently retired porn star who is now working as a makeup artist.

Frankie Cullen is Harvey, he’s the other male performer in the film, and Cytherea plays Cytherea. In addition to being a porn star, Cytherea is described as a sex addict, who wants it the more she gets it. The film opens with her and Harvey filming a sex scene together, and when it’s over they go upstairs to shower, and Cytherea is still so horny that she gets Harvey to bang her in the shower. We also get a flashback to a previous film shoot where she seduced Joey, who was the cameraman for that film too.

Jacy Andrews is Kimber, a veteran porn star, who is making her big “comeback” after a stint in rehab. Michelle Maylene is Marisa (although at the end of the film her real name is revealed to be Michelle), the young porn star who is resentful of Kimber’s presence in this film. She thinks that Kimber is washed up, and should be doing “Milf movies” and doesn’t want to risk her stealing the movie from her. And she’ll do anything to make sure that she remains the star of the film.

So that’s the basic plot of this film, a behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of an adult film, as the crew tries to get it shot on time and on budget, despite unforeseen obstacles, such as when a female star who was cast doesn’t show up on the day of the shoot, so Evan and Trish have to beg Leanne to come out of retirement to shoot a scene. This is a very short film, just about an hour and 12 minutes, but during that time we get 8 full sex scenes.

There’s Cytherea’s two scenes, one with Frankie Cullen and one with Kevin Patrick.
Syren has two scenes, one with Evan Stone and the aforementioned lesbian scene with Michelle Maylene.
Maylene also has a scene with Evan Stone.
Anna Mills has a scene with Evan Stone.
And Jacy Andrews has two scenes, one with Evan Stone and one with Frankie Cullen.

The short runtime leaves the story feeling a bit rushed, it feels like there was more that could have been done with this plot, but the cast does a good job with what they’re given, and the sex scenes are hot enough for me to recommend this film with a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS

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