LIFE ON TOP episode 6: Girls Night Out

Heather Vandeven and Justin Joli

Written by Jess Roman (based on the book by Clara Darling), directed by Amanda Goodwin

This episode opens with Belle (Heather Vandeven) participating in a photoshoot where she and another model named Jen (Justine Joli) pose together in lingerie and various states of undress. Afterward Belle gets together with Andre (Adrian Quinonez) for sex. Their newfound “relationship” seems to be going well.

Cassia (Mia Presley) remains down about Belle and Andre, but is cheered up by Cecile (Karen Fiji), the hostess at the restaurant. Cecile flirts with Cassia and the two ladies head down to the wine cellar for some hot lesbian sex.

D (Clayton Cannon) meets Maya (Krista Ayne) at her apartment for the first time, where they have sex, during which he tells her that he thinks he’s falling in love with her. When Maya later shares this info with Belle and Sophie (Mary LeGault) at their place, Belle downplays it by saying that it only half-counts when a man says he loves you during sex.

Sophie has her own problems, as she tries to accept that nothing is going to happen between her and Avi (Daniel Messier) again. But this isn’t helped when Avi approaches her and tells her that he’s set her up to have dinner with an important client, whose company they are trying to buy. Avi basically tells her that she needs to seduce the man to close the deal, and that if she succeeds it will “fast-track” her career. WHAT WILL SHE DO?!?

That’s quite the cliffhanger to leave us on. It definitely makes you want to tune into the next episode. This episode is also notable in that we learn that Sophie has a new habit, which is playing online poker (for fake money). With her mastery of math and numbers, she’s a natural at it. This will become a major plot point later on. Also, in this episode, Brandin Rackley returns as Regina, the secretary at Sophie’s job. She reaches out to Sophie and reveals that she knows what happened between her and Avi, because Avi did the same thing to her when she first got hired. Sophie invites Regina to join her friends for a Girl’s Night Out, where they all go to a club to drink and dance. They reject any men who approach them, and Regina is the most adamant about not wanting anything to do with men right now. But when the night is over and their leaving, Regina goes back to the club to pick up a guy (Chris Johnson) and take him home for sex. And this sex scene is notable for that that we do briefly gets a full shot of Johnson’s (non-erect) penise.


That has always been a rare sight in softcore. But I figured this would be an interest fact for the ladies (and, well, some men) who watch this stuff.

Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

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