LIFE ON TOP episode 5: Tied, But Not Tied Down

Written by Joey Savage (based on the book by Clara Darling), directed by Kenny Golde

In this episode, Sophie (Mary LeGault) is still distraught over what happened between her and Avi (Daniel Messier). At Belle’s suggestion, Sophie decides to try to make Avi jealous by sleeping with another man. She picks her coworker Peter (Jeremy Olson), asking him out in front of Avi the next day at work. She and Peter go out for drinks, do a bunch of shots, and then end up going to a motel to have energetic drunken sex. The scheme backfires as Avi appears utterly unconcerned when he sees them kissing at work the next day, and Peter figures out that he was used so now he’s mad at her.

Maya, on the other hand, appears to be doing great. We see her and D (Clayton Cannon) sparring together at the gym, then they have sex in the ring. D gets Maya a job working at the front desk of the gym, which not only pays her bills and keeps her close to D, but also gives her more time to train, as she is no considering becoming a professional kickboxer.

Belle (Heather Vandeven) at first tries to avoid Andre (Adrian Quinonez), figuring that their having sex last episode was a one-time thing, plus not wanting to hurt Cassia’s feelings. But Andre pursues her and convinces her to have dinner with him after hours at his restaurant. She shows up in a trenchcoat with nothing underneath, ready to just have sex, but Andre holds off, wanting to actually have dinner with her, saying that he’s already gotten into her pants and now he wants to see if he can get into her mind. We see them having a romantic dinner, which is of course followed by sex (in which food is utilized).

Cassia (Mia Presley) is feeling down during most of this episode, until the very end when she knocks on Sophie’s door, and asks for help in planning to open her restaurant.

And that’s where we’re left off. A good dramatic episode, where the soap opera-ish elements of this series are really kicking into a high gear. How will Sophie handle her work-life? Is Belle, who was previously shown to be all about casual sex with multiple partners, about to enter her first real relationship with Andre? And how will that affect her friendship with Cassia? The suspense increases!

Plus, as usual, the always hot sex scenes… Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

Life on Top Season 1 and 2 DVD

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