LIFE ON TOP episode 4: Ménage a Top

Written by Charles Kline (based on the book by Clara Darling), directed by Amanda Goodwin

In this episode, several people get what they want, but it doesn’t always work out they way they hoped it would. That doesn’t apply to Maya (Krista Ayne), who finally convinces D (Clayton Cannon) to have sex with her. They do it in the equipment room of the gym, after D ties Maya’s hands to a punching bag and then takes her from behind.

Belle (Heather Vandeven) and Cassia (Mia Presley) continue their girl-girl Fuckbuddy arrangement, having sex with each other in a club bathroom. Later, they go back the restaurant that Cassia works at, where Belle expresses her desire for Andre the owner (Adrian Quinonez). No mention is made of Cassia and Andre’s sex romp back in episode 2, as Cassia encourages Belle to go for it. But Andre propositions both women, and the three of them rush to the back of the kitchen to have sex. But halfway through it, Cassia notices that Belle and Andre are more into each other than either is with her, so she just leaves and lets the two of them continue having sex without her. Later, back at Cassia’s apartment, Belle tries to reassure Cassia that nothing has changed, but Cassia still feels hurt. But it’s left unclear exactly who she is jealous of, Belle or Andre?

After working together to close a major deal, Sophie (Mary LeGault) agrees to go home with Avi (Daniel Messier). After a brief sex scene, Avi gets up and leave to go back to his office to check the stock market, leaving Sophie in his bed confused. But Avi returns the next morning and they have sex again, this time Avi brings her to two intense orgasms. But when they both arrive at work, Avi acts af if nothing has changed, and when Sophie is finally able to confront him, he tells her that what happened was just a one-time thing, going on about how, now that she’s not a “virgin” anymore, Sophie doesn’t “smell the same” to him, so it’s over. Sophie is clearly unhappy with the turn of events.

In addition to some hot sex scenes, this episode gave us some good character progression. Mia Presley, whom I’ve said before felt like the lest-utilized member of the cast, finally gets more significant screentime in here. Belle plants the idea in Cassia’s head about opening her own restaurant, with Belle helping her to find investors and raise money. We also learn exactly why D appeared so uninterested in Maya up til now. So this was a very key episode, and one worth a Chacebook rating of 5 STARS

Life on Top Season 1 and 2 DVD

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