Insatiable Coeds

Written by Marc Barnes and directed by Cybil Richards, this softcore production from the year 2000 is another “greatest hits” film (as I call them). This is where a studio (in this case, New City Releasing and Twilight Entertainment) takes a bunch of previously filmed sex scenes from other films or TV shows and puts them together with a few new scenes in order to make a “new” movie.

Kat Hare, Brandy Miller, and Tess Broussard play Christy, Leanne, and Beth, three college students. Beth is new, she’s just started pledging Christy and Leanne’s sorority, so they call her “Pledge Beth.” The begins with Christy bursting into Leanne’s bedroom to tell her that she has “the freshest, most magnificent piece of gossip” to tell her, which is about some couple they know who just broke up because the girl caught the guy cheating. And they start trading stories about some of the other couples they know. Beth walks in, and they tell her that part of being in their sorority is being able and willing to “dish the dirt.” So Beth wants to hear all the juiciest gossip. So they tell her some more stories. This all takes place in Leanne’s bedroom. But then the scene moves to the ladies sitting outside by a pool, while wearing bikinis.  And this leads to a little contest where Christy and Leanne want Beth to decide who’s the “Most Promiscuous,” the “Most Adventurous” and “Most Oversexed” (wouldn’t the latter be the same as promiscuous?), among the various women they tell her about.

And so there’s your framing device for this film, as the ladies bring up stories of the sex lives and relationships of people they know, and scenes from previous films are shown as flashbacks. Some of the scenes I recognize, and some I don’t. 

We get four scenes featuring Tammy Parks, all b/g scenes, one I recognize from Virtual Desire
Four scenes from Gabriella Hall, three b/g and one lesbian scene with a woman whom I don’t recognize. 
Brandy Davis has two b/g scenes, including one from Virtual Encounters 2, plus a solo scene from Pleasurecraft of her performing a striptease.
And Landon Hall has four scenes. Three b/g scenes, including one from Cyberella, and one lesbian scene with Dana Plato (R.I.P.)

We also get b/g scenes featuring Laura Palmer, from Erotic House of Wax, Kristen Knittle from Dream Master: The Erotic Invader, and scenes with Rochelle Swanson and Ashlie Rhey

As far as these types of films go, it’s not bad. As I always point out, the main reason we watch softcore films is for the sex scenes, so in these films they just get right to those scenes with minimal plot getting in the way. The framing device used to set up the inclusion of the flashback scenes is decent enough. Usually though in these films they include a few new scenes, but they don’t do that here. The new actresses don’t even get naked, could have at least had a scene of them changing into their bikinis. That just feels like a wasted opportunity, especially with Tess Broussard in this film. The old scenes that are chosen are mostly good, although they do cut off a few of them, not showing everything. So I’ll give this a Chacebook rating of THREE AND A HALF STARS.


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