Sexy Movie

Written by Remington Underwood, and directed by Lane Shefter Bishop, this 2003 film stars Kelly Couch and G. Alan Davis as Jay and Scott, two best friends and roommates. But neither is doing that well in life. Jay is an aspiring film-maker, he’s trying to make an independent film to enter into some film festival, but money is tight. Scott is a loveable loser with no job who is always coming up with failed money-making schemes. Time is running out for Jay to enter the festival, and their rent is 3 months overdue, with their landlord repeatedly calling and threatening to evict him if they don’t pay him soon. Dawn Arellano plays Jay’s girlfriend Teri, who wants Jay to give up his dreams of being a filmmaker and get a job at her brother’s accounting firm. She also hates Scott, and the feeling is mutual.

One day Jay gets a call from a friend about a last-minute job as a cameraman, which Jay takes because he needs the money. But Jay is surprised when he gets to the set and finds out the job is for shooting a porn film. After the hired director gets into an argument with the film’s producer and quits, Jay gets asked by the film assistant to direct the film himself, which he reluctantly does, and he does a great job, bringing his mainstream film sensibilities to the shoot. But when he goes to the studio the next day to get paid, the producer refuses, on the grounds that he didn’t authorize Jay for the job. So Jay leaves empty-handed.

Mary Carey and Kaylynn play Starr and Shadow, the two female porn stars who were the film Jay shot, and they run into Jay as he’s leaving the studio, and tell him how much they loved working with him and would love to do so again. Scott, who was with Jay that day, pretends to be Jay’s agent and takes the girl’s contact information. He convinces Jay to write and direct his own porn film, they plan to sneak back into the studio that night to shoot the film. They convince an old college friend named Tony (Jonathan Van Erik) to be the male talent in the film, choosing him because they remember seeing that he has a huge penis in gym class, although they don’t tell him it’s a porn film until they get ready to shoot the first scene. They shoot the movie and take it to Amy, a woman who owns a porn distribution company (played by Belinda Gavin), and she loves it so much she pays them $20,000 for it, and offers to pay more for rights to Jay’s next 5 porn films. But Jay insists that he’s done shooting porn and wants to get back to his indie film, which he now has enough to finish and cover their rent.

Except Scott impulsively takes the money to rent a mansion (and a sports car) and buy some new film equipment, telling Jay they can live at the mansion and use it to film their future porn movies. Jay is outraged at first, but has no other options and agrees to make one more porn film, although when Teri finds out she threatens to leave him if he doesn’t give this up and get a job with her brother. I won’t spoil the rest but, everybody gets a happy ending.

Kelly Couch and G. Alan Davis are both capable actors in their co-lead roles, which is why it’s little surprising to see that this was Davis’ first and only credited acting role, and it’s Couch’s 3rd role, and he’d only have 2 more after this. I don’t know what the reason is for their short acting careers, but I don’t see any flaws in their performances here. The rest of the cast also does a great job. In addition to who I’ve already mentioned, there’s Amber Ambrose who plays Claire, she was the original producer’s assistant, who convinced Jay to direct the first film and ended up helping him sneak into the studio to shoot the second one. There’s also Billy Maddox as Lou, the asshole producer of the first film. Everyone is attractive and plays their roles well, in addition to looking good in the sex scenes.

And speaking of the sex scenes…

Kelly Couch has two, one with Dawn Arellano and one with Amber Ambrose (who also has a solo masturbation scene).
G. Alan Davis has two, one with Belinda Gavin, and one with Katie Lohmann, who plays a woman that Scott has a one-night stand with, after lying to her about being a rich businessman.
Mary Carey and Kaylynn have a lesbian scene together, and each have one on one scenes with Jonathan Van Erik, plus they have a scene where they strip out of their bikinis and pose by the pool.

Hot sex scenes with a decent if not imaginative story. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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