Shameless Desires

This 2007 film from Mainline Releasing is a compilation film, or “Greatest Hits” film, as I like to call them. This is when a studio takes a bunch of previously recorded sex scenes from other films or TV series and puts them together, although with a few new scenes as a framing device, to create a “new” film.

No writer is listed in the credits, but J.W. McHausen is the director for the new scenes, and Mainline cast a trio of accomplished adult film stars, Jasmine Byrne, Brooke Haven, and Roxy Deville, along with Marcus Leland and Tom Stone, who are playing a group of graduate students (despite all looking like they’re old enough to college professors rather and students) who are working together on some kind of written project about dating, love, and relationships. So as they sit together writing, they each trade stories about the sex lives of various couples that they know, and that’s where the old scenes are spliced in, presented as flashbacks.

It’s a decent enough premise for a film like this, the stories aren’t really important as long they provide a way to naturally progress from one sex scene to the other.

There are 18 old scenes here, all of them are taken from various episodes of The Pleasure Zone, a softcore TV series that originally aired in 1999 for one season (14 episodes).

Gabriella Hall has two scenes, one with Ed Johnson and one with Kyle Kleefield.
Kim Yates has two scenes with Brad Bartram.
Tane McClure has two scenes with Daniel D. Anderson
Amy Lindsay has two scenes with Jason Schnuit
Catalina Larranaga has three scenes with Morgan Daniel
Melinda Bonini also has three scenes, I think the man in one of them is Everett Rodd, but I’m not certain, and I also don’t know who the man is in the other two scenes.
The remaining 4 scenes are Lisa Throw and Kyle Kleefield, Taimi Hannun and Daniel D. Anderson, Stacy Howell and Jason Schnuit, and Seana Ryan and Morgan Daniel.

All the scenes were directed by Robert Angelo, and they’re all very well shot, the ladies are attractive, so it’s a good mix, and makes this film worth watching.

In addition to this, we get 3 new scenes shot for this film. Jasmine Byrne and Tom Stone, a girl/girl scene with Jasmine and Brooke Haven, and Roxy Deville with Marcus Leland. That’s a lot of hot sex scenes in a one-hour and twenty-minute film. You don’t even need to skip forward to any of them, just play the movie straight through and enjoy.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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