Castle Erotica aka Castle Eros

This 2002 film is listed on IMDB as Castle Eros, but the version I have is titled Castle Erotica. It’s written by Louise Monclair and directed by Madison Monroe. It stars Chelsea Blue and Holly Sampson as Gabriella and her cousin Julia, two young women from America, who are on vacation in Italy.

Early on we see that Gabriella is the more free-spirited one, while Julia is a bit more conservative. On their first day in Italy, they go out sightseeing, where Gabriella picks up a local man named Sergio (Denis Marti) and take him back to her and Julia’s hotel room to have sex with him, despite Julia’s protests. The following day when they wake up, they see that Sergio has stolen all of their money.

Now with no way to pay for anything the ladies go walking the street and run into a man named Mario (Alex Ferro) and tell him that they need a job and a place to stay. He takes them with him to where he works, Castello Dell’amore, the Castle of Love. It’s a literal castle, run by a woman named Isabel (Catalina Larranaga). It’s basically a fancy hotel, and there’s a history about how it was built centuries ago by a handsome Prince for his true love, a woman named Rosanna. But then he had to go off to war, where he was killed. Rosanna waited at the castle for him, but when she got a letter telling her he was dead, she instantly dropped dead of a broken heart. Rosanna’s family moved into the castle, and they were witches or something, and now there’s some mumbo jumbo about people finding their true loves when they stay in the castle becomes of its magical properties.

Isabela hires Gabriella and Julie to work in the castle, cleaning and serving the guests, but warns them not to “fraternize” (meaning have sex) with any of the guests. This is easy enough for Gabriella, who only has her sights set on Mario, although he doesn’t appear to be interested in her at first. She can’t tell if it’s genuine disinterest, or if he’s just shy. But Julia soon meets Michael (Sebastien Guy), a fellow American who’s there as a guest, and they’re both attracted to each other but Julia doesn’t want to risk losing this job, so she avoids him, at least as long as she can.

While cleaning Isabel’s room, Julia discovers a mini replica of the castle, which has all of these little figurines of the guests, and the workers, including her and Gabriella, and she discovers that when she puts some figures together in the mini castles, the couple will then have passionate sex, although it’s unclear if it’s real or just some kind of fantasy. But she tells Gabriella and they start having fun making the couples hook up.

And that’s the basic plot. It’s kind of silly, not really logical, but lends itself to some decent sex scenes. There are nine altogether.

Catalina Larranaga is in one, it’s a flashback scene where she’s playing Rosanna whom we see have sex with the Prince who built the castle (I didn’t catch that actor’s name).
Holly Sampson gets two, one with Sebastien, and one with some other guy (most of the male actors in this film are nameless).
There’s a threesome scene, with Silvia Gogovacinschi and Loredana Bontempi having sex with some man. And Bontempi has a sex scene by herself with a man (it may be the same man, I’m not sure, but it doesn’t matter).
And Gogovacinschi has a lesbian scene with Chelsea Blue, who also has three sex scenes with men.

The scenes are good, I would have liked more of Larranaga in this film, but it’s worth watching just to skip to the sex scenes, the story itself is rather boring.
Still, the cast does a good job with the material they’re given, and being shot on location in Italy, the film does look good.

Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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