Hotel Erotica Cabo episode 12: El Fiero

Danielle Petty aka Kennedy Johnston

Written by Karen O’Hara and directed by Gary Dean Orona this episode stars Danielle Petty (credited as Kennedy Johnston, the name she used for most of her softcore career) as Marnie, a young widower. We learn that 2 years earlier she’d been in Cabo on her honeymoon with her husband Chris (Nicolas Kash), but 2 days after they arrived Chris died in a tragic boating accident. Marnie has been struggling to move on and has returned to Cabo to mark the anniversary of Chris’ death and hopefully gain some closure. While in Cabo Marnie meets a local man named Roland (Billy Chappell), who helps her come to terms with her grief and find the strength to finally move on.

This was a much more somber episode than usual. But it works due to the performance of Danielle Petty, who proves herself to be a very capable actress and who carries the majority of the show. Chappell also does a great job playing a more serious role than is typical for him.

Petty and Chappell have two sex scenes, and Petty also has one with Nikolas Kash, who plays Chris in a flashback scene. And also Amanda (Kimberly Fisher) has a sex scene with Serrano Rios, who plays Tony, a local man who takes visitors snorkeling. after two episodes where Amanda and Corrinne as pushed to the side (Divini Rae still doesn’t really get involved in the story this episode) it was good to see that latter scene.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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