LIFE ON TOP episode 3: Shoegasm

Written by James Michaels (based on the book by Clara Darling), directed by Joey Savage

This is a pretty fast-paced episode, with things just quickly moving from one scene to the next. Maya (Krista Ayne) takes Sophie (Mary LeGault) to the gym with her, to help her check out D (Clayton Cannon), who is still showing no interest in Maya at all, beyond as a client. Nevertheless, Maya doesn’t suffer from lack of male attention. She reveals that she was fired from the coffee shop after her manager (who she slept with in episode 1) found out about her banging that random customer in the previous episode. So Cassia (Mia Presley) gets Maya a job as a waitress at the restaurant that she works at. But Maya proves to be equally incompetent at that job, and soon finds herself fired by the manager, Francois (George Calin), but only after she tried to save her job by fucking him in his office.

Belle (Heather Vandeven) makes a public appearance at some hotel, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, where Melissa Jacobs makes a brief appearance as a fellow centerfold model whom Belle knows and doesn’t like, for some reason. Afterward Belle runs into a horror film director named Dario (played by Frankie Cullen), whom she knows. She goes with him to his hotel room and they have sex.

Sophie finds herself dreaming of having sex with Avi (Daniel Messier) in his office while the rest of her coworkers watch them and applaud when it’s over. And at work he seems to be flirtatious towards her, and ends up inviting her to meet him for drinks at a club one night, ostensibly to congratulate her for some business deal that she helped closed. But when she gets there he propositions her, and she resists, citing their working relationship. Avi then declares that one of his talents is identifying (by smell) women who are what he calls “virtual virgins”, meaning they’ve never had an orgasm during sex before, and then he personally gives them one. Sophie initially tries to deny it, but it’s obvious to both of them. He leaves, but encourages her to let him know if she’s ever ready to take him up on his offer.

The title of this episode involves a scene where the 4 ladies get together to go shoe-shopping. As they leave the expensive shoe store, Belle stays behind, and where she quickly seduces two of the male shoe salesman, Chase and Brad (Alan Stafford and Sean Jackson), and they have an intense threesome in one of the backrooms. Threesome with one woman and two men are quite rare in softcore productions, so this was an interesting twist. And it was also surprisingly realistic, with much credit going to Vandeven for her performance.

I’ll also note that Olimpia Olari makes her first of several appearances as Svetlana, Belle’s leg and vagina waxer, in a rather funny scene.

The only downside I could really see about this episode is that, once again, Mia Presley is a bit under-utilized, as her character Cassia doesn’t get much of her own storytime and is pretty much just a supporting character her. But I know that will change in future episodes. With the 4 hot sex scenes, that’s enough to give this episode another Chacebook rating of 5 STARS

Life on Top Season 1 & 2 DVD

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  1. I agree that MFM threesomes are very rare in softcore unfortunately. This one was hot. The three were good looking and the action was hot. Too bad there aren’t more.

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    • It’s not my preference in regards to threesomes, but I agree that this particular scene was very hot. Heather Vandeven was incredible in everything she was in. I was just talking about her on Reddit a few days ago, we were wondering what happened to her. She’s been publicly M.I.A. since 2015. It’s a shame.


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