Powerful young Lester’s heart is broken in the worst possible way, while a galaxy away, Dr. Goodman receives a rude wake-up call…

Creator Caio Oliveira writes and draws this 2nd issue of his new series. We open with Dr. Ego seeing another of his super-patients, a Green Arrow analog called…Golden Arrow.

Yeah, like I said in my review of Super Ego #1, the analogs in this series aren’t the most creative.

Golden Arrow is a rich man with no super powers, who decided to fight crime using a bow and arrow. But ever since his wife, who also fought crime with him as non-powered costumed vigilante, was killed trying to stop a robbery, he’s been suffering from depression and therefor unable to put his costume back on and keep fighting crime. Through his narration, Dr. Ego talks about how ultimately silly it is for a costumed vigilante to go out in the streets with nothing but arrows. He also points out how, since his wife’s death, Golden Arrow has been spending his money setting up charitable foundations in his wife’s name which are actually doing a lot more to help people than he ever did as a vigilante.

We get a follow-up on Lester, the obscenely powerful son of this series’ version of Superman and Wonder Woman, who was excited to be going out on a date with a girl who asked him out and was asking the doctor for advice. Unfortunately we find out in this issue that Lester misunderstood the girl, who had asked him out on a double-date, so poor Lester is humiliated and heart-broken when he shows up to meet her with flowers only to see her with some other guy who is her real date. Ouch.

I won’t spoil any more of this issue, just to add that there’s an massive alien armada that attempts to conquer Earth, and there’s some time travel in this story, with a cliffhanger about Dr. Ego’s next patient, who is someone we briefly saw last issue.

Not a groundbreaking series here, but it’s enjoyable enough. I’ve liked these first two issues, and I plan on getting the next one. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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