Mayhem in the streets! Giant robots fighting giant cactus monsters! Total chaos! And yet none of it even registers to the heartbroken kid powerful enough to bring an end to the destruction. Unfortunately, he’s fallen into the clutches of an even more insidious villain…

Creator Caio Oliveira returns to write and draw this third issue of his new series. It opens with Dr. Goodman at the scene of a crime, talking to one of his patients, a Japanese superhero called The Blue Beam, who had just finished fighting a giant monster and was losing until Javier Hernandez aka El Luchador De Fierra, whom we last saw in issue #1 showed up. With his giant robot suit he’s actually causing more damage than the monster he’s fighting is, and the police called in the Doctor in hopes that he can talk Javier, who is drunk, into stopping. Several other heroes show up on the scene, including Golden Arrow from last issue but everything is just one big chaotic mess. Meanwhile Lester, feeling the sting of rejection from his ill-fated “date” shows up at Dr. Goodman’s house looking to speak to him. Instead he encounters Dr. Goodman’s grandfather, who turns out to be a lot more dangerous than he looks…TO BE CONTINUED

Wow. What an action-packed story. I love the way Oliveira writes Dr. Goodman calm, cool, and collected, no matter how bizarre the circumstances he finds himself in are. And what an amazing and unexpected cliffhanger he left us on! This series is definitely picking up steam.

Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

Available on Comixology

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