Family secrets are revealed when Dr. Goodman confronts his grandfather, the original supervillain, Sci-Fighter, ready to come out of retirement with a whole lifetime of pent-up frustrations to release! The epic conclusion (and shocking twist) to this original series!

I didn’t know until I got this issue that this was only a 4-issue miniseries. I thought it was ongoing, but this is the last issue, which is kind of a bummer but, damn, writer/artist sure as Hell takes out with a BANG!

After the shocking ending to the last issue, where Dr. Goodman’s kindly old grandfather beat Lester to death with his cane, we discover Dr. Goodman’s secret. He actually used to be a super-villain, like his grandfather before him. Using high-tech equipment of his own invention he called himself the Sci-Fighter and regularly fought superheroes like Lester’s father, The Savior. After being sent to jail he reformed and became psychiatrist, specializing in treating superheroes. But his grandfather was always angry that Eugene gave up and for decades has been planning his own revenge, keeping all the old Sci-Fighter equipment in a hidden lab underneath their house. Now that he’s killed Lester he’s ready for the next stage in his plan: fighting Lester’s parents, The Savior and Venus, who have come to avenge their son. All the while Eugene is in shock at this turn of events. What does he do now?!?

I don’t want to spoil the ending, if you haven’t read this book then really should. I’ve enjoyed, thinking it was pretty good, but this ending really takes it over the top. This issue brings the story to a satisfying conclusion while still leaving a little bit open for possible future adventures. So who knows what the future may bring? Either way, now that I’ve discovered this work, I’ll be keeping out for Oliveira and Magnetic Press’s future efforts. This is good stuff.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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