-Exposed-~-Starring -Julia-Kruis-,-Samuel-Iam,-Leah-Riley

This 2002 film was written by Steve Martel and directed by Clinton J. Williams. I recorded it on VHS soon after it first aired on cable and it has been one of my favorite tapes ever since. I’ve practically worn the damn tape out from replaying it so often.

Julia Kruis stars as Taylor Kent, an amateur fashion designer. She’s busy designing a new line of clothes to present at some major fashion show, hoping this will be her big brake. When the film starts she has a boyfriend named Brad (played by Brian Norris, in his first and only movie), in fact the film opens with the two of them having sex in her studio apartment while the opening credits are displayed, but she must not be all that into him because as soon as she meets big-time fashion designer Austin Riley (played by Samual Iam…wait, “Sam I Am”?!?..he has no other credits before or after this film either). She calls Brad and tells him its over and goes back with Austin to his place and has sex with him in his pool. Brad isn’t exactly devastated by this news, he was at Taylor’s studio with Britt (Jezebelle Bond), a model who had been working for Taylor, modeling her lingerie, and as soon as he gets off the phone with Taylor he and Britt have sex. Then that’s the last we see of him.

We then find out the truth about Austin, he’s had the fashion designer equivalent of “writer’s block” for the past two years, he’s been unable to come up with any good new designs and is just living off of his reputation. He’s paid Britt to secretly take pictures of Austin’s designs so that he can copy them and then present them at the big fashion show as his own work, knowing that no one will believe Taylor is she tries to claim he stole from her, because he’s the one with the proven track-record while she’s just an amateur. Amy Lindsay (aka Leah Riley) also stars as Austin’s girlfriend Angel. When she finds out that Austin’s cheating on her with Taylor, she confronts Taylor and the two women discover Austin’s plan and then join together to stop him and expose him before the fashion show. But Austin just may be desperate enough to kill to keep his secrets…(cue ominous music)…

I won’t spoil the ending, but will say that there are several hot sex scenes in this film before it’s over. The bulk of the film lays on Julia Kruis’ shoulders, and she’s more than up for it. In addition to the aforementioned scenes with Norris and Iam, she has one more scene with Ian, this time in a bed, and there’s also a scene where Taylor and Angel go to Austin’s house while he’s not there and seduce his assistant Kelvin (played by Chris Evans…no, not THAT Chris Evans, this is a different Chris Evans, one whose been in a lot of softcore stuff, like an episode of The Best Sex Ever), so they can steal back Taylor’s designs from Austin while Kelvin is asleep. Although I should note in that scene it’s not really a “threesome”, they all get naked and Taylor gets on top of him on the couch, while Angel just lays next to them and occasionally kisses Kelvin. Kruis also has a scene where he character is naked an masturbates in her bathtub while fantasizing about police detective (played by Burke Morgan aka C.T. Miller) that she met with to investigate the case, and then a final scene where her and the detective actually have sex. Amy Lindsay has two sex scenes with Iam, who also has a sex scene with Jezebelle Bond. So that’s NINE full sex scenes in this one movie (which is about an hour and 20 minutes long), and they’re all pretty hot.

Beautiful ladies, well-acted characters, and a dramatic suspenseful story. What more could you ask for? I give this a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS

I’m grateful that I have the uncut version of this film on tape, because I’ve checked both AMAZON and EBAY and all they have is the R-rated DVD on sale. I would love to get this on DVD in the unrated version, as well. If I ever find it, I’ll update this post.

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