This 2000 film from writer Louise Monclair and director Sybil Richards has a really simple premise. Three female friends all discover that their husbands have cheated on them and decide to get revenge by going out and getting some extra tail on the side for themselves. But luckily Richards has assembled and A-list cast of softcore talent to fill out this film, which stars Shauna O’Brien as Stephanie, Griffen Drew as Gwen, and Kira Reed Lorsch as Trudy.

The film opens with Stephanie’s husband Arthur (Justin Carroll aka Hal Hutton) having sex with another woman (played by Darby Daniels aka Susan Hale) in his and Stephanie’s bed. Afterwards Stephanie comes home and catches them, then storms out. She meets Gwen and Trudy for drinks and tells them. She’s ready to get a divorce now, and Trudy agrees that she should, but Gwen tells them it’s better for Stephanie to stay and get revenge. She tells the story of how she caught her husband Peter (Brad Bartram) cheating on her with his secretary Paula (Kris Andre) and we see that scene in flashback, which stars with Paula stripping for Peter in his office followed by sex on the couch. Gwen walks in just as it’s over, and she uses Peter’s guilt at cheating in order to get him to spend more of his money on her, including buying a huge mansion for them to live in. Gwen also says that she’s occasionally cheated too, as payback. The other girls are shocked, and later back at Gwen’s place they watch in disbelief as Gwen has sex with her pool boy Carlos (Karl Silver) in her pool.

That night back at her own Trudy is in bed with her husband Calvin (Jack Ketchmark) and they talk about Stephanie and Arthur. Trudy’s, who learn has never been with another man other than Calvin, is feeling insecure about her marriage after learning about Stephanie and Gwen but Calvin swears he never has and never will cheat on her and they have sex. The next morning Trudy wakes up and Calvin is gone, having left her a note telling her that he’s leaving her for another woman.

Having lunch with Stephanie and Gwen they console her, and Gwen tries to convince them to get back at their husbands by having affairs of their own. The ladies somewhat reluctantly agree and Gwen prepares to teach them the art of having affairs. First Gwen tries to set Stephanie up on a blind date with a man named Jeff (played by Jesse Coleman, whom I recognize as the man credited as “Samuel Iam” in the movie Exposed), but Stephanie panics and leaves. That night Trudy goes to the building where her husband works and seduces one of his coworkers, Harry (Jarod Carey aka John Smith) and they have sex on his desk in his office. The next day Trudy tells Gwen and Stephanie about it, and Stephanie fantasizes about having sex with Harry on his desk just like Trudy did. Later, back at her house, Stephanie is alone when the cable guy (Everett Rodd) comes over, and she seduces him.

Now that the ice is broken the ladies are ready to embrace their new lifestyle. Trudy brings Harry to her home to have sex again. Stephanie runs into Jeff at the grocery store and brings him back to her house for sex. Then Trudy goes to Gwen’s house to seduce Carlos, although they don’t show a full scene with them. Then we see Gwen having sex with Peter.

An undetermined amount of time line, the ladies are meeting for drinks again and catch up on their lives. Trudy is in the middle of divorcing Calvin and she and Harry are planning to move in together, Gwen and Peter are happier together and preparing to go off on a second honeymoon, while Stephanie is ready to start a relationship with Jeff. THE END

Okay, so the story is pretty lame, but the ladies are hot and they get naked an awful lot in it. In addition to the sex scenes there’s several scenes where the ladies are changing clothes together, putting on bikinis and lingerie. So I highly recommend this film, with FIVE STARS


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